Plane of Dragons

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Plane of Dragons is collectively two tiers in one zone (Tier 1 and Tier 2). You get two full sets of armor in this zone, but no epics, although you do get your first epic "skin" to place the epic 3.0 augment you received from QVic. These weapons are available for free from the Weapon Vendor near the zonein. There is also a custom vendor that sells a nice finger ring that will teleport you to Plane of Dragons

You begin by killing trash in the "T1" areas to loot water and fire crystals which can be turned in to the respective tikis to spawn T1 bosses. These bosses drop armor patterns for each class type (e.g. "cloth", "leather", "plate", "chain"). Combine the appropriate armor pattern, along with a class type ore, and your unaugged Cazic Thule armor, to create your new Plane of Dragons armor. This new armor comes with a significant upgrade in health and armor class.

For T1 (but not T2), there is a "rot bot" in one of the houses near the zone in named "Rot". He will take two class type patterns and return the type of pattern appropriate for the character. This can be a great help on getting the patterns you need. For example, if your warrior (a plate class) has a cloth and leather boot pattern, he could give these two to the rot bot, and the rot bot would return a single plate boot pattern.

Once you start creating your "T1" armor, you can repeat the same process with the "T2" - but this time you collect "earth" and "ice" crystals to turn in to the "earth" and "ice" tikis, and the armor patterns are class specific, instead of class type specific (e.g. "warrior", "berserker", instead of "plate", "chain"). The new bosses are also considerably harder to kill. Combine your class specific patterns with class specific ores and your unaugged T1 armor to create your new T2 armor. This armor comes with a very significant upgrade in HP and armor class.

The T2 bosses spawn adds that can drop more crystals, but the T1 bosses do not. This makes T1 crystals much rarer and more annoying to farm, so you can make some money farming T1 crystals.


  • Kill Dragons in the "T1" area and loot fire and water crystals
  • Turn in fire/water crystals to the Fire and Water tikis
  • Loot the T1 armor patterns and combine them in your magic box along with your Cazic Thule armor and multiclass ore to make your new armor
  • Kill Dragons in the "T2" area and loot earth and ice crystals
  • Turn in earth/ice crystals to the Earth and Ice tikis
  • Loot the T2 armor patterns and combine them in your magic box along with your T1 armor and class specific ore to form your new T2 Plane of Dragons armor.
  • If you happen to come across any Dragon Class Armor it can be used for any class as a Tier 2 armor pattern.
  • Hail the Level Up Wench once you have collected all of your visible T2 armor to gain access to Halls of Honor, Airplane, and Catacombs of Dranik


Armor T1 Boss T2 Boss
Head Khepri Okeanos
Legs Ptah Alfadir
Arms Heh Thur
Hands Omm Mentu
Chest Shai-Hulud Kronos
Feet Apophis Imsety
Wrist Amun Seth
Rare - Ancient Dragon


NOTE: It is highly recommended that you ignore all of these augments and instead use Resist Augments. The augments crafted here are extremely outdated and you really will want the Heroic Resists heading forward.

32 different no drop augment components drop randomly from trash in this zone, which can be combined in the magic box to create various "version 4" augments. In Halls of Honor, these same augments drop directly from NPC's without any combines, so you may or may not want to create these augments here. Once you have created the "version 4" augment, you can combine two similar "version 4" augments to make an upgraded "version 5" augment of the same type in the magic box.

Augment Components

Augment Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4
Spell Haste Ancient Rune Liquefied Amethyst Venerable Green Dragon Scales Fossilized Shell
2 Handed Aug Mark of Lion Liquefied Amber Venerable Red Dragon Scales Mithril Infused Stone
Aggro Aug Snake's Bane Liquefied Sapphire Venerable Silver Dragon Scales Fallen Meteorite
1 Handed Aug Etheral Mass Liquefied Ruby Coal Dust Glowing Rock
HP Aug Dragon Seal Liquefied Onyx Golden Dust Fossilized Bone
HP Regen Keystone Liquefied Moonstone Copper Dust Fossilized Bark
Mana Aug Demon Mark Liquefied Agate Pearl Dust Serpentinite
Mana Regen Tattooed Flesh Liquefied Emerald Basalt Dust Marbled Rock


  • The (warrior-only) level 4 aggro aug is a decent amount of AoE damage, so make sure you make a few!


Spell Drops

Spell Class
Spell: Acquittal of the Tribunal Shaman
Spell: Ancient Ent Guard Druid
Spell: Armor of the Martyr Cleric
Spell: Baited Breath Shaman
Spell: Black Hole Druid
Spell: Blasphemous Tongue Shaman
Spell: Blessing of Ancient Oak Druid
Spell: Brilliant Ember Wizard
Spell: Brushcoat Ranger
Spell: Burning Tender Ranger
Spell: Call of the Void Shadow Knight
Spell: Chaotic Frost II Druid
Spell: Curious Creation Wizard
Spell: Elysian Water Ranger
Spell: Erratic Flashbacks Shaman
Spell: Explosive Energy Shaman
Spell: Form of Ancient Spirits Shaman
Spell: Form of the Werewolf Druid
Spell: Gale Force Ranger
Spell: Harbinger of the Sun II Druid
Song: Harmonious Composition II Bard
Spell: Harvest III Wizard
Spell: Hungering Pyre II Necromancer
Spell: Hungering Pyre Necromancer
Spell: Incinerating Aura II Magician
Spell: Insinuations of Mori II Necromancer
Spell: Kiss of Antraygus Shaman
Spell: Kiss of Corath Necromancer
Spell: Malos Malignance II Magician
Spell: Breathless Enchanter
Spell: Coat of Bright Lights Enchanter
Spell: Enchanting Defender Enchanter
Spell: Enchanting Defender Enchanter
Spell: Insanity II Enchanter
Spell: Remissive Remedy Shaman
Spell: Irrational Irritation II Enchanter
Spell: Keep of Alendar Enchanter
Spell: Koadic Boundless Intellect II Enchanter
Spell: Masked Strength II Enchanter
Spell: Polarity Flux Enchanter
Spell: Rune of Denial II Enchanter
Spell: Skin of the Drake II Druid
Spell: Summon Phantom Necklace of Dragons Magician
Song: Tempest Blade II Bard
Spell: Thirst of Muram Shadow Knight
Spell: Shield of Eldritch II Enchanter
Spell: Celibate Devotion Paladin
Spell: Timeless: Pack Regeneration Druid
Spell: Timeless: Tempest Wind Druid
Spell: Tower of Calrena Wizard
Spell: Unswerving Hammer of Absolution Cleric
Spell: Bone Charm of Shadoo Shaman/Beastlord
Spell: Gift of the Avenger Paladin
Spell: Theft of Survival Shadow Knight
Spell: Blood Ablaze II Shadow Knight
Spell: Vile Tightness II Shadow Knight