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Dwarf Paladin

What to expect from Paladins on EZServer (2023):

On EZServer the Paladin is mainly a healer and support class. Don't make a Paladin with the idea that it is going to be your main tank. If you do, you will soon find yourself unable to stay alive due to lacking the mitigation buffs that makes Warriors the only real tanking class on EZ in the long run.

The Paladin is one of four healer classes on EZServer (Cleric, Paladin, Druid and Shaman) and next to the Cleric, the Paladin is mandatory in your group(s), even more so than having more than one Cleric. The Paladins strongest feat is it's group healing proc off their Epic Augment when socketed into a weapon. On EZServer the melee attack speed is capped ~3 seconds per melee attack round. The Paladin will proc their group heal at least once per melee swing and sometimes more than once. This makes the Paladin the most sustained healing class to date. The only way to stop him from healing is if he dies or stops attacking a target. It's a popular trend on EZ to have at least one Paladin in each of your groups to keep it alive when taking damage.

The Paladin also have access to some spells that will further increase it's healing capabilities. Focus of Healing increases your healing bonus and so does the Yaulp self buffs. The Avenger spells is also useful as they buff you so you will be able to proc a group song buff that increases all party members healing effectiveness. While the Paladins main healing comes from their Epic Augment, they also get a line of healing spells with some recast delay that can be nice to use during fights. The Crabtwoshoes spells can be found in various tiers on EZServer.

Damage wise the Paladin is very low on the chart. Before you get your Ultimate Great AxeXII, which is the preferred weapon eventually, you may use a different weapon where you can socket Firestrike Augments for some extra damage.

Primary Uses

Paladin Epic List

Paladin Class Epics and Epic Augments 1.0 - 10.0

Epic Effect

Healing augment - Group Heal (combat)
Defensive augment - Proc and Click Defensive Augment is restricted to 1 handed weapons only and is not really viable in the late game to improve your mitigation enough to tank properly. There is not even a near 100% uptime on the defensive buff.

To change your augment from a defensive augment to a healing augment hand the augment to the epic vendor and he will return the version you desire.


EZ Custom Spells

Spell Drop Location Research Element Description
Spell: Crusader Fury P1 Cazic Thule Magic+Holy Adds Crusader Fury Proc
Spell: Timeless: Invigor P1 QVic Nature+Holy+Magic Stamina boost
Spell: Wave of Purity P1 QVic Holy Group heal
Spell: Yaulp IX P1 QVic Magic+Holy Self Attack, healing and haste buff
Spell: Celibate Devotion T1/T2 Plane of Dragons Holy+Nature
Spell: Gift of the Avenger T1/T2 Plane of Dragons Magic+Holy Adds 10% bonus heal proc
Spell: Crabtwoshoes Will Heal You! T4 Airplane Holy Group heal and cure
Spell: Yaulp X T3 Airplane Magic+Holy Self Attack, healing and haste buff
Spell: Kaldar's Helping Hand T3 Airplane Holy+Nature+Magic Self stonewall
Spell: Zealous Smite T4 Airplane ?? Single target nuke and threat
Spell: Crusader Fury II T5 Abyss Magic+Holy Adds Crusader Fury Proc
Spell: Wave of Purity II T5 Abyss Holy Group heal
Spell: Gift of the Avenger II T6 Anguish Magic+Holy Adds 20% bonus heal proc
Spell: Zealous Smite II T6 Anguish ?? Single target nuke and threat
Spell: Kaldar's Helping Hand II T7 Loping Plains ?? Self stonewall
Spell: Crabtwoshoes Will Heal You Too! T9 Old Commons Fire x2 + Magic Group heal and cure
Spell: Zealous Smite III T9 Old Commons ?? Single target nuke and threat
Spell: Crusader Fury III T10 Sunderock Springs ?? Adds Crusader Fury Proc