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QVic is your first of many zones in progression that requires that you combine drops from the zone to create your armor. You are also required to collect all pieces of (visible) armor to progress to the next tier, as well as completing your epic augment, and finishing a token quest to.

Throughout the map are many static 'trash' mobs, each of which has a chance of dropping enchanted gemstones (for your armor), augments, and occasionally some cash bags or gems.

In each of the locations marked on the map is a placeholder mob that will spawn a boss for you.
Each boss drops:

  • Armor Mold (always)
  • Quest Token (always),
  • Essence of Qvic (rare)
  • Other Armor/Augs (common).

Ancient Sand Monster still spawns and drops some spells and a 10% exp potion (no armor or essences).

Token Quest

The tokens are turned in to the Qvic quest NPC (Audyin) in the nexus to gain part of the flag for the next tiered zones: Cazic Thule and Plane of Dragons. This is now also how you acquire the 3.0 epic augment book (Ancient Sand Monster no longer spawns). Hail the quest NPC (Audyin) and follow the texts to get additional epic books for any one character.

TIP: DO NOT TURN IN 3.0 Book IMMEDIATELY. Instead, wait until you are fully flagged for the next tier. This is important, because when you hand in your Epic 2.5, you get an augment back instead of another weapon. You need a weapon 'skin' to put that aug in, and those skins are only available (for free) in Plane of Dragons. So make sure you can go there first!

Gems and Armor

Slot Required Gem
Chest Flawless Blue Diamond
Leg Flawless Diamond
Arms Flawless Black Sapphire
Head Flawless Jacinth
Feet Flawless Ruby
Hands Flawless Sapphire
Wrist Flawless Fire Emerald

You combine the proper armor mold and gemstone together in your magic box to gain your first tiered armor. The armor is specific to the type of character, not the actual class: Plate, Chain, Leather, and Cloth (as opposed to monk, warrior, paladin,...).

The other half of the flag is your armor: you'll need a complete set of visible armor (you may be missing one bracer if you wish).
Once you have that, hail the Level Up Wench, and she'll give you your next level, and the flag.

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1. Pixtt Llan Kvish
2. Hexxt Iik Klokk
3. Pixtt Sho Val Kgi
4. Igthinxa Karnkvi
5. Averixx Quimeri
6. Dovin Msha
7. Ptav Msha
8. Lxt Rslav
9. Aganetti the Keeper
10. Rav Karnkki
11. Rav Gemkki
12. Rav Marnkki
13. Hexxt Jkak Mig
14. Mnat Msha
15. Sand Monster
16. Ancient Sand Monster


Spell Drops

Spell Class
Song: Harmonious Composition Bard
Song: Tempest Blade Bard
Spell: Ascendant Essence Beastlord
Spell: Chaotic Frost Druid
Spell: Eldritch Ward Wizard
Spell: Enchanting Defender Enchanter
Spell: Fistful of Arrows Ranger
Spell: Harbinger of the Sun Druid
Spell: Harvest II Wizard
Spell: Howl of the Huntmaster Ranger
Spell: Insinuations of Mori Necromancer
Spell: Koadic Boundless Intellect Enchanter
Spell: Mark of Emperors Cleric
Spell: Rune of Denial Enchanter
Spell: Shield of Eldritch Enchanter
Spell: Timeless: Invigor Paladin/Beastlord/Cleric/Ranger/Druid/Shaman/Enchanter
Spell: Tower of Alendar Enchanter
Spell: Voice of Cazic Shadow Knight
Spell: Wave of Purity Paladin
Spell: Yaulp IX Cleric/Paladin
Spell: Blood Ablaze Shadow Knight
Spell: Vile Tightness Shadow Knight
Spell: Bloodied Bones Shadow Knight