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Dwarf Berserker waving his Crystalline Destroyer from Temple of Veeshan

A Berserker is one of the best choices for a DPS class to put in your main group. The Berserker's Epic Effect is a high damage area of effect spell that procs during combat. Whereas other classes rely on augs for their damage, the Berserker's AoE damage does not require Strike Augments, which means that they do "free" damage.

In addition to their high AoE damage, their single target damage rivals any other DPS class, since they can use the effect from Spell: Over Raided Zerker Haste combined with Firestrike augments.

Primary Uses

  • Area of effect DPS from their Epic Effect: "Taelosean Fury"
  • Can use Firestrike augments

Epic Effect

  • "Taelosean Fury" (High damage area of effect combat proc)