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Dwarf Berserker waving his Crystalline Destroyer from Temple of Veeshan

What to expect from Berserkers on EZServer (2023):

The Berserker is a chain class and it used to be quite popular as a DPS class on EZServer. This is because in lower tiers the proc off their epic augments can make a difference. However, in the later tiers, their DPS is about average, nothing more. They are far behind in terms of melee damage compared to Rogue, and lower than a Beastlord if you use it's pet. Their damage is around the same as you would get from a Ranger / Shadow Knight and slightly lower than what you get from a Monk. They do get a few abilities that can affect your group and/or raids DPS a bit, so that's worth mentioning below.

Primary Uses

Berserker Epic List

Berserker Class Epics and Epic Augments 1.0 - 10.0