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Cazic Thule (P2) is the third progression zone you enter after you reach level 70. Here you will upgrade the armor you received in Qvic by putting unaugged Qvic armor into your magic box along with patterns you receive in this zone to make your Cazic Thule armor. The armor patterns drop randomly from any mob in the zone, and are divided into four categories, "plate", "cloth", "leather", and "chain". You need to use the appropriate type of pattern for your class to craft the new armor. The bosses also drop optional(P3) upgrades that can help you break into Plane of Dragons

Rarely, an NPC will drop an Essence of Cazic Thule. You should keep these, as they are used in crafting Strike Augments later on and are very valuable.

You can alternatively use Arthicrex to obtain Cazic Thule armor drops as well as Essence of Cazic Thule. Arthicrex is considerably easier to navigate with botted groups due to much more open space.


  • Loot armor patterns
  • Combine armor patterns for your class type with your unaugged Qvic armor to create Cazic Thule armor


  • Note: Armor patterns rk II are optional upgrades which you can combine to improve your Cazic Thule armor. You do not need these to craft the next tier's gear in the Plane of Dragons.

Spell Drops

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Spell Class
Spell: Abyssmal Shield Magician
Spell: Shy Crustaceans Rain of Frogs Druid
Spell: Bone Charm of Jasinth Shaman/Beastlord
Spell: Call of the Lifeless Necromancer
Spell: Cloak of the Night Necromancer
Spell: Deafening Silence Wizard
Song: Elemental A Cappella Bard
Spell: Elemental Tower Magician/Wizard
Spell: Essencesink Wizard
Spell: Incinerating Aura Magician
Spell: Crusader Fury Paladin
Spell: Irrational Irritation Enchanter
Spell: Masked Strength Enchanter
Spell: Wail of Tashan Enchanter
Spell: Malos Malignance Magician
Spell: Vicious Ice Beastlord
Spell: Purge Weakness Druid
Song: Purifying A Cappella Bard
Spell: Runic Blessing of the Tribunal Shaman
Spell: Seismic Shift Druid
Spell: Skin of the Drake Druid
Spell: Snake Kiss Shaman
Spell: Static Burst Wizard
Spell: Tower of Vie Cleric
Spell: Unholy Shackles Necromancer
Spell: Virulence Shadow Knight
Spell: Theft of Toughness Shadow Knight