Stone of Heroic Resistance

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Stone of Heroic Resistance 10.png

Stones of Heroic Resistance (SoHR) give heroic stats, which means that they will add to your resists, even when they have met their maximum.

Each level of the SoHR gives 15 heroic stats, meaning that a level 1 stone gives 15, level 2 gives 30, level 3 gives 45, etc... up to level 20, which gives 300 (although it would be impractical to create a level 20 stone, as it would take a total of 524,288 level 1's, or 8192 level 7's (the highest base level achievable in Tower of Frozen Shadow) to create.

As of 11/15/15, SoHR only fits in slot 25, which means that you can only equip 1 per item.

Combine two of the same level of SoHR in the magic box to create the next level (e.g. SoHR 4 combines with SoHR 4 in magic box to make SoHR 5). You can combine 8 of the same rank in a magic box and get the rank you would have gotten if you had combined them individually.

The stones drop very rarely in Progression Zones, but are very common in Tower of Frozen Shadow.