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EZ Server Classes

Class Purpose Abilities Augs
Warrior Tank Mitigation (Epic Effect) Icestrike
Paladin Healer/Tank Group Heal Proc (Epic Effect)
Zeal (Epic Effect)
Cleric Healer Group Heal Proc (Epic Effect)
Group HP Buff
Bard Single Target DPS
Ninjastrike Capable
Tempest Blade Group damage proc song
Shaman Utility HP Buff (Epic Effect)
Kraken (Spell Damage Proc)
Druid Utility/AoE DPS/
Skin of the Drake
Skin of the Drake (18 second megaheal)
HP Buff Blessing of Ancient Oak
Mana Necklace
Berserker AoE DPS AoE DPS (Epic Effect) Firestrike
Monk Single Target DPS Ninjastrike Aug Capable Ninjastrike
Rogue Single Target DPS Ninjastrike Aug Capable
Enchanter Utility Overhaste (Spell)
Spell Damage Increase (Spell)
Mana Necklace
Magician Utility/DPS Call of the Hero (Summon Target)
DPS (nuke / pet)
Mana Necklace
Necromancer Pet DPS Pet DPS (great in early tiers) Mana Necklace
Ranger Single Target DPS Ninjastrike Aug Capable Ninjastrike
Shadow Knight DPS/Tank Harm Touch (Epic Effect)
NPC Debuff (Epic Effect)
Wizard Spell DPS High damage nukes Mana Necklace
Beastlord Pet DPS Ninjastrike Aug Capable Ninjastrike


EZServer is a boxing server. You can solo to level 70, and maybe even a little past 70 in Plane of Time if you hire a mercenary. However, you will eventually have to start a boxing army, and you might as well start soon.

You at least need to have two types of classes in your group, a warrior, and a healer

The warrior class gets mitigation from his epic, which makes him far superior to other conventional "tanking" classes (e.g. Paladin, Shadow Knight)

The healer can be one of two classes, the Paladin, or the Cleric. The Paladin will be able to stay alive longer when taking a beating, and later in the game will actually passively heal for more. The Cleric can also passively heal your group, albeit for a little less later on, but has a damage mitigation buff that is useful. Both fulfill the same basic role.

After these two, you should fill the rest of your group/raid with DPS and utilities, tailored to how you want to fight in EZServer.