Catacombs of Dranik

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Dranik is one of two daily expeditions created in September of 2014. Completion of the Dranik expedition grants 8 Hive Shards, which can be spent on items from Hive Queen in Stonehive. Some of the items from Hive Queen include Charm Prism Upgrades, Ultimate Augments, and Superior Lightstones. This expedition is divided into three separate zones. Each zone is further divided into sections by barriers that remove themselves once bosses, or specific tasks have been completed.

Other than the 8 shards, there are many benefits of completing, or even attempting this zone. The "trash" NPCs from these zones have a rare chance to drop Essence of Dragons Minor, Essence of Dragons Major, Essence of Gods Minor, and Essence of Gods Major. They also drop Charm Prism Upgrades, which can be used in substitute for v1 *OR* v2 Charm Upgrades for your Ultimate Charms. In addition to these, the experience is good, and items from Airplane, such as weapons and armor drop as well.

NOTE: Starting expeditions from public zones are bugged and should be initiated from an instance of Nexus or Stonehive.

Required Level to enter: 73

Level 1

Catacombs of Dranik 1 Map Big.jpg

This is the easiest level of Dranik. The NPC's in this zone are leeches and rats. There are two bosses, Squealing Underboss and Broodmother.

Squealing Underboss

  • Backstab: Hits a random player on his threat list for damage amount equal to 75% of their maximum health.
  • This attack will fire off every time the rat loses 25% HP, it has no cooldown.
  • It also seems that this boss has the ability to steal platinum off your crew. You seem to get it back when you kill him.


  • Inflicts Poison on the target at the top of her threat list.
  • Casts Incisor of the Unholy on the target at the top of her threat list, must be cured (massive lifeteal DoT )
  • Spawns hatchlings every 10 seconds


Notable NPC's

Level 2

Catacombs of Dranik 2 Map Big.jpg

Level 2 of Dranik is significantly more difficult than the first level. The NPC's in this zone are leeches, mosquitoes, and centipedes. There are still only two bosses, Kiss of Sickness, and Clicking Commander

Kiss of Sickness

  • Will inflict Disease on the target at the top of his threat list.
  • Periodically summon adds if not killed quickly.

Clicking Commander

  • Will inflict Fear on the target at the top of his threat list.


Notable NPC's

Level 3

Catacombs of Dranik 3 Map Big.jpg

The third and final level of Dranik. The NPC's in this level are oozes, tadpoles, and "mudmen". This level is also the hardest, and may take a bit of time for some players, as the mobs have much more HP than lower levels.

Lightning Spirit

  • Summons all PCs in the zone to the center of his room at the beginning of the encounter
  • Invulnerable
  • Every time he summons projectiles he does damage to himself
  • Hide in the crack in the southeastern wall until the fight is over


  • Has a hopping attack which will deal AOE damage to all players as well as a large knockback.
  • The hop resets his threat table and he can become stuck inside walls. You must use a pet to bring him back out.


  • As of 2024, this boss is bugged. Following the steps below will not guarantee all the adds spawning.
  • Periodically charms players wielding Ultimate Weapons
  • Goes invlunerable and summons adds every 25%
  • DPSing him too fast can cause the adds to bug out
  • Killing him will make the slaves begin killing themselves. You do not want this, as they are the best loot droppers of this entire expedition, so always switch off to deal with adds!


Notable NPC's