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Airplane is where you get your T3 / T4 armors, as well as your Epic 4.0! Speak to the Observer of the Sky to be teleported to the boss island. Bosses can be spawned from anywhere within the instance, however they will always spawn on boss island. Right click one of the tokens from Halls of Honor to spawn a T3 boss. Combine 2 tokens in magic box and right click the resultant token, to spawn a T4 boss. Each T3 boss drops a single type-specific armor mold (e.g. "plate", "cloth", "leather", "chain"), and each T4 boss drops 2 class-specific armor molds (e.g. "Paladin" or "Berserker"), except the T4 Chest, who only drops one pattern. Each T3 boss can also drop an Essence of Gods Minor. Each T4 boss can also drop an Essence of Gods Major.


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  • "/say teleport" to Observer of the Sky to teleport to the fighting island
  • Right click on the T3 token of the boss you want which will spawn that T3 boss
  • Kill T3 bosses and loot patterns
  • Combine patterns with T2 Armor from Plane of Dragons to create T3 armor in magic box
  • Combine (2) T3 tokens in magic box to create (1) T4 token
  • Right click on the T4 token of the boss you want which will spawn that T4 boss
  • Kill T4 bosses and loot patterns
  • Combine patterns with T3 armor to create T4 armor in magic box
  • Right click MCP token to spawn MCP
  • Loot Completed Epic 4.0 from MCP
  • Give Completed Epic 4.0 along with your unaugged epic augment 3.5 to Epic Vendor to receive epic augment 4.0

Tokens and Bosses

Slot T3 Boss/Token T4 Boss/Token
Chest H1N1 The Warlord
Leg Split Paw The Mother of All
Arm The Faceless The Prime Healer
Head The Prince of Darkness The Prince of Hate
Feet The Tranquil The Plaguebringer
Wrist The Oceanlord The Burning Prince
Hand The Lightbringer The Rainkeeper
Epic 4.0 MCP 4x MCP = Random


  • Click on the white pad on the south of the fighting island to teleport back up to the zonein.
  • Turn in 4 unstacked MCP Tokens to the Observer of the Sky to spawn a random boss!
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Spell Drops

Spell Class
Song: Bashful Crustaceans Chorus of Rebirth Bard
Song: Over Raided Ballad of Flame Bard
Spell: Armor of the Crab Cleric
Spell: Ascendant Essence II Beastlord
Spell: Bashful Crustaceans Gift of Thought Enchanter
Spell: Bashful Crustaceans Hulkamania Beastlord
Spell: Bashful Crustaceans Soul Eater Shadow Knight
Spell: Bestial Tower Beastlord
Spell: Blessing of Ancient Oak II Druid
Spell: Bone Charm of Jasinth II Shaman/Beastlord
Spell: Call of the Void II Shadow Knight
Spell: Cloak of the Night II Necromancer
Spell: Crabtwoshoes Will Heal You! Paladin
Spell: Eldritch Ward II Wizard
Spell: Legend of Crab Lifetap Shadow Knight
Spell: Elemental Tower II Magician/Wizard
Spell: Enchanting Defender Enchanter
Spell: Essencesink II Wizard
Spell: Fistful of Arrows II Ranger
Spell: Exorcise en Masse Cleric
Spell: Frozen Fury Shaman
Spell: Gift of Annihilation Enchanter
Spell: Harvest IV Wizard
Spell: Insanity III Enchanter
Spell: Kaldars Heavenly Fire Wizard
Spell: Kaldar's Helping Hand Paladin
Spell: Kaldars Touch Necromancer
Spell: Kiss of Corath II Necromancer
Spell: Legend of Shy Renewal Enchanter
Spell: Legend of Shylich Renewal Necromancer
Spell: Legend of Shylo Renewal Magician
Spell: Mark of Emperors II Cleric
Spell: My Pet Crab Shaman
Spell: Nature Walkers Behest Druid
Spell: Over Raided Cat Heal Beastlord
Spell: Over Raided Healing Cleric
Spell: Runic Blessing of the Tribunal II Shaman
Spell: Secrets Secret Ranger Secrets Ranger
Spell: Shy Crustaceans Rain of Frogs II Druid
Spell: Shylos Bolt of Doom Magician
Spell: Smallest Terror Shaman
Spell: Snake Kiss II Shaman
Spell: Spirit of the Kraken Shaman
Spell: Summon Phantom Necklace of Gods Magician
Spell: Timeless: Chromastrike Cleric
Spell: Timeless: Haste Enchanter
Spell: Timeless: Pack Regeneration II Druid
Spell: Tower of Alendar II Enchanter
Spell: Tower of Calliav Magician
Spell: Tower of Vie II Cleric
Spell: Unholy Shackles II Necromancer
Spell: Unswerving Hammer of Absolution II Cleric
Spell: Vicious Ice II Beastlord
Spell: Wail of Tashan II Enchanter
Spell: Wicked Apparition Necromancer
Spell: Yamakagis Fiery Passion Inferno Wizard
Spell: Yaulp X Cleric/Paladin
Spell: Theft of Survival II Shadow Knight