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Ogre Warrior with Ultimate Armor using Ultimate Great Axe

Warrior are hands-down the best tanks of all classes. Every group in EZServer needs to have a warrior at its core.
Race selection does not matter when creating a warrior, since your stats will all be at the maximum very early in the game. You may want to consider size of race, since short or tall races can sometimes have a harder time maneuvering.

Epic Effect

The toughness of the warrior is primarily because of their epic's mitigation effect, starting at Epic 3.5 with the following percentages:

  • Epic 3.5 - 30%
  • Epic 4.0 - 35%
  • Epic 4.5 - 35%
  • Epic 5.0 - 40%
  • Epic 5.5 - 40%
  • Epic 6.0 - 45%
  • Epic 7.0 - 50%
  • Epic 8.0 - 50%
  • Epic 9.0 - 50%
  • Epic 10 - 50%

The epics also have an aggro multiplying effect, which allows the warrior to more easily keep aggro.

The maximum possible mitigation for a warrior is 78%, which is achieved by using Epic 7.0+, Shield of the Ages 51+(maxing out at 55 or LV), and Insane Goblin Halloween Pet



Tower of Frozen Shadow


  • Scepter of Time (Non-directional pulling item, long range)
  • Warrior Class Augment 3.0 is the preferred pulling item by many. Same click effect as the Scepter of Time without the 1 second cooldown.
    All you need to do is run your warrior through a second line of epics, and throw it in your offhand. RoF2 client will allow you to click this from inside a bag.