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Ogre Warrior with Ultimate Armor using Ultimate Great Axe

Warriors are hands-down the best tanks of all classes and arguably also the only viable option as a tank. While the Shadow Knight also can do tanking under many circumstances, it's just not something we recommend doing on EZServer. When creating your Warrior, you may want to consider the size of the race you are picking, since short or tall races can sometimes have a harder time maneuvering. There are however items that can shrink you or cast other NPC illusions on you, so if you really want to be an Ogre, be an Ogre!

The main reason the Warrior is so good for tanking is due to the sheer amount of damage mitigation it can get from items. The Warriors Epic Augment 3.5 and upwards will give you anywhere from 30-50% damage mitigation, the Shield of the Ages will give you 12% and Insane Goblin Halloween Pet will add 17%. If you don't have the Insane Goblin Halloween Pet, you can use the Ultimate Armor Plate Helmet which gives you the same buff as the Halloween Pet does. All this adds up to 79% damage mitigation, higher than any other class on EZServer.

You can futher improve your damage mitigation temporarily by using the combat ability Cover, by having a cleric cast The Tower of Vie spells on you and by using a shield like Mechidragon Scaled Armor in your off hand. Wielding a one-handed weapon while having a shield in off hand is a relatively new thing for Warriors on EZServer. In the past, using a high damage two-handed weapon was preferred. With items like Mechidragon Scaled Armor added to the game though, we saw an increase in mitigation using that setup compared to just wielding a two-handed weapon. You will however sacrifice some outgoing damage with a one-handed weapon in most cases, so there certainly are situations where you would want to switch to maximize your damage, for instance during a Zone Pull. Last, but not least, you should get your Warrior a Guardian's Charm and max it as soon as possible. It's ability to keep you alive is just insane. Once you get to Veeshan's Peak though, make sure you switch it with an Ultimate Charm, since it's deemned too powerful to use in that zone, as will be the case in future tiers as well. If you forget to remove it in Veeshan's Peak, you will get a debuff and more or less instantly get killed when you engage NPCs in the zone.

The Warrior should be your first priority when gearing up. Apart from adding mitigation to improve your Warrior, you will also gain an increase in survivability by making sure your Warrior get's first priority on items that will increase your hit points, dodge/parry/block chance and resistance stones to mention some. Leaf of Vitality, Citrine Gemstones of Vitality, Stone of Heroic Resistance are some examples. The Warrior should also be the first character to get the Ultimate Weapon, not only for the increase in important stats, but also to be able to cause more damage when you pair it with skills like Riposte to kill many NPCs from a large pull. Another good thing about having the Ultimate Weapon on your Warrior is to add Ultimate Augment, Ultimate Protection to it for increased survivability.

Tanking is one thing, but another important aspect is the ability to keep the aggro on your Warrior. Many people like to make a secondary Epic Augment rank 3.0 and socket it into a weapon. Not to wield it for damage, but to have in your inventory and put on the hot keys bar. When you click a sword with the 3.0 epic augment inside, you will cast the spell Anger III to increases your hate towards the NPC you cast it on. This click has no cooldown, so can be spammed to help manage aggro. Once you get your Ultimate Great Axe, you should save up Hive Shards to get your Ultimate Augment: Hatestomp to further increase the aggro you generate with your Warrior. If you have an Enchanter, make sure it casts Irrational Irritation on your Warrior to further increase it's aggro multiplier.

To make the most out of your Warriors tanking capabilities, make sure you line up hot keys and relevant items to improve your chance of killing stuff and live to tell the tale. Riposte is a very useful skill, which will make you riposte all incoming melee attacks, taking no damage, while dishing out more damage to all surrounding NPCs. There are a few items and abilities on EZServer that makes your Warrior Riposte. Bashful Crustaceans' Rebuttal from Airplane, which is tied to the same timer as Retribution's Edge which you will get later on in Sleeper's Tomb. The latter is preferred once you have both as it has a faster recast timer. The discipline Furious Discipline is another way to riposte attacks. The last method is when you get your Ultimate Armor Plate Gloves, which you can right click to cast Enrage, which also will make you riposte all incoming melee attacks. The Enrage stacks with a discipline called Savage Onslaught Discipline and if they are used together, your riposte attacks will deal an insane amount of damage. Just make sure you click the Savage Onslaught Discipline first and then click your Ultimate Armor Plate Gloves. Also beware if you have the Group Cure Reward Item, don't use it while using Enrage, or you will risk "curing" it.

Primary Uses

Warrior Epic List

Warrior Class Epics and Epic Augments 1.0 - 10.0

Epic Effect

The toughness of the warrior is primarily because of their epic's mitigation effect, starting at Epic 3.5 with the following percentages:

  • Epic 3.5 - 30%
  • Epic 4.0 - 35%
  • Epic 4.5 - 35%
  • Epic 5.0 - 40%
  • Epic 5.5 - 40%
  • Epic 6.0 - 45%
  • Epic 7.0 - 50%
  • Epic 8.0 - 50%
  • Epic 9.0 - 50%
  • Epic 10 - 50%

The epics also have an aggro multiplying effect, which allows the warrior to more easily keep aggro.

The maximum possible mitigation for a warrior is 79%, which is achieved by using Epic Augment 10, Shield of the Ages maxed and Insane Goblin Halloween Pet / Ultimate Armor Plate Helmet



Tower of Frozen Shadow

  • Spirit of the Ninja (Instantly removes all aggro, good for pulling)
  • Warrior Class Augment 3.0 is the preferred pulling item by many. Same click effect as the Scepter of Time without the 1 second cooldown.
    All you need to do is run your warrior through a second line of epics, and throw it in your offhand. RoF2 client will allow you to click this from inside a bag.