Halls of Honor

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Halls of Honor - Incomplete epic 3.5 page locations

Halls of Honor is one of two zones related to T3/4. The other zone related to T3/4 is Airplane. In Halls of Honor, you will receive your Epic 3.5, and collect tokens to spawn bosses in Airplane. Other than Shadow, there are no bosses in Halls of Honor.

All of the augments that required combines in Plane of Dragons are dropped in this zone without any combines. This zone is also one of the best, if not the best places to get v2 charms for your Ultimate Charm. This will allow you to level up your charm from 26-50.

Your Warrior will definitely want to start collecting Angry Nerds Revenge of Insults IV's that drop here, as they do Area of Effect damage and hate. You can combine four Angry Nerd 4's to create a Angry Nerd 5 (Single target), and combine five Angry Nerd 5's to make a Angry Nerd 6 (AoE damage). BE WARNED Angry Nerd 5+ required level 75 to use it.


  • Kill Shadow and loot the Incomplete Epic Book 3.5
  • Collect 10 incomplete pages from "trash" NPC's (see map for locations) and combine them in the Incomplete Epic Book 3.5 to make the Completed Epic 3.5 Book
  • Turn in your completed Epic 3.5 Book along with your Epic Augment 3.0 to create your Epic Augment 3.5
  • Collect tokens from random NPC's to spawn bosses in Airplane

Bosses and Pages

Mobs Page # Token
Avatar of the Heavens 1 Random
Avatar of Earth 2 The Oceanlord
Avatar of Storms 3 The Lightbringer
Avatar of the Abyss 4 The Tranquil
Avatar of Valor 5 The Faceless
Avatar of the Skies 6 Splitpaw
Avatar of the Underworld 7 H1-N1
Avatar of Hate 8 The Prince of Darkness
Avatar of Hell 9 MCP
Avatar of Hell 10 (1 in 5 books) MCP


Shadow is the boss of Halls of Honor, and drops the incomplete epic book 3.5, weapons, and v2 charms He spawns exactly 30 minutes after one or more characters enter the zone. He is said to be the first "DPS check" in EZServer, which means that you will have to have at least a few Strike Augments in order to damage him faster than he can regenerate.

Shadow will warp across the zone anywhere between 1 and 4 times at a random % of health left, which means that you will not be able to kill shadow the first time you attack him. Generally speaking, if you get him below 25% health he will not warp. Every time he warps, his loot table changes, and he re-appears at full health.


Several of the mob types in this zone will immediately cast an PBAoE (point black area effect spell), which includes a dispel, and a substantial mana drain (Avatar of Abyss). To mitigate loss of buffs, and mana, it is recommended to pull these mobs a distance from your group, lest your group lose all buffs, or healers and casters be immediately out of mana.


Considered obsolete:

Spell Drops

Spell Class
Spell: Breath of Nature II Druid/Shaman
Spell: Ancient: Druid Regeneration II Druid
Spell: Breathless II Enchanter
Spell: Coat of Bright Lights II Enchanter
Spell: Euphoria II Enchanter
Spell: Timeless: Vampiric Thunder Enchanter
Spell: Zealous Smite Paladin
Spell: Virulence II Shadow Knight
Spell: Risen Creation Shadow Knight