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Essences are drops from progression zones Tower of Frozen Shadow Sleeper's Tomb Veeshan's Peak and the Hills of Shade Halloween event.

They are used to craft the following items:

Because of their rareness and usefulness, they are commonly sold to other players from values ranging from 150,000 platinum each to well over a million platinum each.


  • Always - Always drops a single essence
  • Common - Roughly 10% chance to drop an essence
  • Rare - Significantly less than 10% chance to drop essence (generally, most full zone clears will result in only 2-5 Essence drops)


Essence of Qvic.png

Dropped By:

Cazic Thule / Arthicrex

Essence of Cazic Thule.png

Dropped By:

Dragons Minor

Essence of Dragon Minor.png

Dropped By:

Dragons Major

Essence of Dragon Major.png

Dropped By:

Gods Minor

Essence of Gods Minor.png

Dropped By:

Gods Major

Essence of Gods Major.png

Dropped By:


Essence of The Abyss.png

Dropped By:


Essence of Anguish.png

Dropped By:

Loping Plains

Essence of Loping Plains.png

Dropped By:

Temple of Veeshan

Essence of Temple Veeshan.png

Dropped By:

Old Commons

Essence of Old Commons.png

Dropped By:

Sunderock Springs

Sunderock Essence.jpg

Dropped By:

Frozen Shadow

Essence of Frozen Shadow.png

Essence of Frozen Shadow I a large undead gnoll (semi-rare)

Essence of Frozen Shadow II an angry librarian (semi-rare)

Essence of Frozen Shadow III an enraged shadow beast (semi-rare)

Essence of Frozen Shadow IV Cara Omica (semi-rare)

Essence of Frozen Shadow V an enraged relative (semi-rare)

Essence of Frozen Shadow VI VhalSera (semi-rare)

Essence of Frozen Shadow VII Tserrina Syl`Tor (semi-rare)

Master Essence of Frozen Shadow (can be substituted for any other EoFS) Advisor Svartmane (always)

  • Also these can drop from any mob in Sleeper's Tomb
    • I - IV - (common)
    • V - VII - (rare)
    • Master - (ultra rare)
  • Also the Master Essence can drop from Tunare in Veeshan's Peak