Veeshan's Peak

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Veeshan's Peak

Zone Story Background:

“Long has it been known that Venril Sathir derives his unnaturally long life from the power of the Unholy Writ of War. He has used this power to recruit and twist brave Iksar warriors into the drolvarg slaves who once protected him in Karnor’s Castle. Unfortunately, while he was able to breed them into loyal guard dogs, they still had vague recollections of their past. Using this knowledge, an undead Iksar named Raulfer convinced them that Venril Sathir would betray them, and after fermenting enough anger, was able to take Venril Sathir alive. Knowing Karnor’s Castle would not withstand an attack from the races of Norrath, Raulfer had the drolvarg move across Kunark, until they located, then wiped out the dragon brood in Veeshan’s Peak. It is here where Raulfer seeks to extract the powerful knowledge within Venril Sathir, and take the power for himself. Little does he know, Venril has a plan of his own, allowing himself to be captured was only the first step….”


The majority of the mobs in VP are drolvarg, with some spectral and skeletal Iksar, ghost dragons and Venril Sathir.
Difficulty is high from the beginning of the zone, and increases as you get further into it.
Many NPC DoT’s are undispellable, and spell damage is high.
Mitigation is very high for spell, melee & special attack damage.
Mobs generally ignore player defensive abilities such as riposte, block, parry and dodge.

Notable NPC's


There are only 2 quests in VP, one for a Shadowknight self-only buff, and other for the key to enter the first bosses room.

Shadowknight Spell: Armor of the Cursed
Speak to Athor Sinvar (will only respond to Shadowknights) - will provide quest to find 4x Soul Fragments of Venril Sathir and return to him.
Souls drop quite rarely throughout the zone, as with orbs, harder mobs have higher loot chance.

Key: Jailer’s Master Key
Opens door to first boss, Raulfer
Speak to Turek Sathir, he will ask for 3 pieces of a broken key.
Key parts are rare drops zone wide.
Key pieces are:

They combine into: Jailer’s Master Key

Shared Task

Tunare Must Be Stopped

Spell Recipes

Spells are made in Magic Box with varied quantities of 2 different orbs that can drop from any mob in VP.
Drop rates increase as mob difficulty increases, so further in the zone = better relative drop rate.

Spell Class Effect Components
Spell: Blessing of Purity Cleric Group Cure 1x Orb of Cleansing / 3x Orb of Replenishment
Spell: Karana’s Purification Druid Group Cure 2x Orb of Cleansing / 2x Orb of Replenishment
Spell: Primal Cleansing Shaman Group Cure 4x Orb of Replenishment
Spell: Golden Showers of Norrath Shaman AE Rain Heal 3x Orb of Cleansing / 1x Orb of Replenishment
Spell: Fountain of Karana Druid AE Rain Heal 4x Orb of Cleansing
Spell: Holy Cataclysm Cleric Targeted AE Heal 3x Orb of Cleansing / 3x Orb of Replenishment


** Drops from Tunare only


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