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Types of Ultimate Weapons

The Ultimate Weapon is a quest that gives an "ultimate" weapon in the following forms:

Turning in a UW to the Essence Trader will result in a different UW of same level. Do this without any augments and keep turning in until you get the UW of your choice.

Creating Your Ultimate Weapon


If you have a Christmas 2015 Goblin UW in you Inventory / Bank, the server will delete a newly created UW as these are in the same lore group. If you have one it will need destroying before you start

The 100 Essence quests are NOT repeatable and you will no longer be able to restart the UW quest line if your new UW I gets deleted

NOTE - Before creating your first Ultimate Weapon or upgrading it. Keep level requirement in your mind. Tier + 1 level to wield it.
Example - Qvic/CT - 71, T1/T2 - 72, T3/T4 - 73, and so on.

To create these weapons, Combine the following items in the magic box

  • 100 Essence of XX from the corresponding tier, starting with 100 Essence of Qvic. To get this item, hail the Essence Trader NPC in the Crafter's Guild and get the essence quest needed, then turn in 4 non-stacked essences until all 100 have been turned in and the quest is completed. You can also talk with him again once you have the quest to do a bulk turn in.
  • 5 Superior Lightstones
  • 1 Essence of Frozen Shadow from the corresponding tier
  • 1 Essence of Platinum created by giving 10 million platinum to the essence trader NPC in the Crafter's Guild
  • 1 Essence of Norrath created by combining 10 ores from various zones in the magic box
  • 1 Unaugged previous rank of Ultimate Weapon (or NON MAGIC base weapon (e.g. "Long Sword" "Dagger") from Crafters Guild Merchant - rank 1 only)

Total will be 10 items, to fill the magic box