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Abyss Big Map.jpg
Welcome to the most time consuming tier in EZServer with the exception of T10.

Although T5 (i.e. "Illsalin" or "The Abyss") will take an enormous amount of time to complete, it can also be very fun.

To progress through this zone, BEGIN BY HAILING THE "GREETINGS" NPC ON EVERY CHARACTER. This will give you the quest in which you must kill 100 different "bosses", which are each spawned in a different way depending on the boss. Kill all the corals to spawn the boss of the zone, "White" who drops your 4.5 epic. Once you finish the 100 kill quest, you will receive your 5.0 epic. After you have created your 5.0 epic and all of your visible armor pieces, you can hail the Level Up Wench to be flagged for Anguish.


  • Kill all Corals (green, yellow, red, blue) to spawn White
  • Kill White to loot "Completed Epic 4.5"
  • Complete 100 kill quest and hail quest NPC in Illsalin to receive "Completed Epic 5.0"
  • Collect all visible armor pieces
  • Hail Level Up Wench to be flagged for Anguish

Trigger Map Code

Abyss Big Map Triggers.jpg
Do the following to add trigger locations to your map. Trust me, you want to do this.
  1. Go to your map folder under your EverQuest directory.
  2. Open "Illsalin_3.txt"
  3. Replace what is in the file (if there is anything) with the below text EXACTLY.

P 462.0000, 995.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Alkari_-_Phytosaur_or_Guyver_Trigger
P 603.0000, 214.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Exobeast_-_Ice_Bone_or_Six_Eyes_Trigger
P 144.0000, 1163.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Yellow_Coral_-_Clyde_or_God_of_the_Deep_Trigger
P 1107.0000, 1084.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Blue_Coral_-_Pink_Eyes_or_Burn_Trigger
P -131.0000, 1266.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Red_Coral_-_Black_Paw_or_Bloodlust_Trigger
P -306.0000, 1265.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Green_Coral_-_Dracolisk_or_Twenty_Four_Carat_Trigger
P 43.0000, 1611.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Slarg_-_Hidden_or_Driller_Trigger
P -99.0000, 1761.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Illthocyte_-_Slayer_or_Holocaust_Disciple_Trigger
P -194.0000, 195.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Illthidae_-_Morlock_or_Aballin_Trigger
P 1058.0000, 664.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Sea_Snake_-_Snappy_or_Miny_Trigger
P 510.0000, 1337.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Gel_Cube_-_Adarna_or_Green_Eyes_Trigger
P -280.0000, 922.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Eye_of_the_Deep_-_Hive_Mother_or_Crimson_Trigger
P 515.0000, 378.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_NTI_-_Life_or_Amanita_Trigger
P -344.0000, 526.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_War_Boar_-_Bane_Guard_or_Claw_Trigger
P 478.0000, 322.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Dark_Jellyfish_-_Mycena_or_Death_Trigger
P 34.0000, 334.0000, 0.0000, 73, 0, 240, 2, Kill_Jellyfish_-_Oneup_or_Angler_Trigger

NOTE: Triggered bosses DO NOT spawn where you kill the trigger mob, they will spawn elsewhere in the zone. See TIPS section below for important information on making the location of the spawned bosses much easier to find.

100 Boss List

Abyss Big Map Coral.jpg
Below is a table of the 100 bosses, which armor pieces are dropped, and how to spawn them.

The bosses are spawned according to 4 different methods:

  • You must kill all of the specified type of NPC, and the boss will randomly spawn in the zone


  • Killing ANY of the type of the specified type of NPC has a rare chance to spawn the boss randomly in the zone


  • Every 30 minutes, a random boss from the "timed" category of bosses will spawn in the zone. You do not have to kill anything for this to happen

Parking 1 toon in an instance to watch for Timed spawns will likely result in going linkdead after 15-20 minutes. Not all people experience this, although the vast majority do. Park 2 toons per instance at least when camping Timed spawns.

  • Make sure you have added the trigger text to your map file, as shown in the section above
  • Killing the one specific trigger mob of the type of NPC has a chance to start a CHAIN that will always spawn one of two bosses.
  • The chain will spawn 2 successive "trash" NPCs, and after killing them will always spawn one of two specified bosses.
  • Use "/highlight npc" to see where the chain NPC spawns if you do not use the /highlight npc command before you begin killing the trigger mobs, there is no way you will know if/where one of the successive trash spawns has popped. Using /highlight npc will change all of the current NPC's to a different color, any new NPC that spawns, will show up in the original NPC color for your map.
Num Boss Name Class Slot Spawn NPC Type
1 Braaains Warrior Head Random Illthocyte
2 Hive Father Monk, Druid Arms, Feet Kill All Eye of the Deep
3 White 4.5 Epic Epic Kill All All Corals
4 Yaggol Cleric, Paladin Arms, Feet Kill All Illthocyte
5 Alhoon Bard, Cleric Arms, Feet Kill All Illthidae
6 Mind Flayer Paladin, Warrior Arms, Feet Kill All Illithid
7 Monopterus Shaman, Bard Arms, Feet Kill All Sea Snake
8 Ophisternon Shadow Knight Hand Random Alkari
9 Slayer Druid Chest Trigger Illthocyte
10 Heliopora Ranger, Shaman Arms, Feet Kill All Blue Coral
11 Corallium Rogue, Ranger Arms, Feet Kill All Red Coral
12 Gorgonian Berserker, Rogue Arms, Feet Kill All Green Coral
13 Alcyonacea Shadow Knight, Berserker Arms, Feet Kill All Yellow Coral
14 Morlock Cleric Chest Trigger Illthidae
15 Frost Blood Paladin Head Random Illthidae
16 War Howler Cleric Head Random Dark Jellyfish
17 Driller Necromancer Leg Trigger Slarg
18 Tricholoma Cleric Hand Random Slarg
19 Mycena Ranger Chest Trigger Dark Jellyfish
20 Oneup Rogue Chest Trigger Jellyfish
21 Gold Mist Bard Head Random Jellyfish
22 Amanita Wizard Leg Trigger NTI
23 Cortinarius Bard Hand Random NTI
24 Pink Eyes Berserker Chest Trigger Blue Coral
25 Green Eyes Magician Leg Trigger Gelatinous Cube
26 Blue Eyes Shaman Head Random Blue Coral
27 Claw Beastlord Leg Trigger War Boar
28 Frost Bite Shaman Hand Random Gelatinous Cube
29 Black Paw Shadow Knight Chest Trigger Red Coral
30 The Widow Maker Paladin Hand Random War Boar
31 Yellow Ranger Head Random Red Coral
32 Six Eyes Monk Legs Trigger Exobeast
33 Glassilisk Ranger Hand Random Exobeast
34 Dracolisk Paladin Chest Trigger Green Coral
35 Eeny Warrior Wrist TIMED N/A
36 Meeny Rogue Head Random Green Coral
37 Miny Druid Leg Trigger Sea Snake
38 Moe Rogue Hand Random Sea Snake
39 Clyde Bard Chest Trigger Yellow Coral
40 Ebony Berserker Head Random Yellow Coral
41 Emerald Shadow Knight Head Random Eye of the Deep
42 Crimson Shaman Leg Trigger Eye of the Deep
43 Aquamarine Berserker Hand Random Eye of the Deep
44 Hive Mother Shaman Chest Trigger Eye of the Deep
45 God of the Deep Bard Leg Trigger Yellow Coral
46 Sea Nettle Druid, Shadow Knight Arms, Feet Kill All Dark Jellyfish
47 Malo King Beastlord, Monk Arms, Feet Kill All Jellyfish
48 Scales Druid Hand Random Yellow Coral
49 Snappy Warrior Chest Trigger Sea Snake
50 Glacius Druid Head Random Sea Snake
51 Rock Biter Monk Head Random Exobeast
52 Twenty Four Carat Enchanter Leg Trigger Green Coral
53 Bone Rot Monk Hand Random Green Coral
54 Ice Bone Monk Chest Trigger Exobeast
55 Blood Lust Paladin Leg Trigger Red Coral
56 Decay Beastlord Head Random War Boar
57 Burn Shadow Knight Leg Trigger Blue Coral
58 Crash Beastlord Hand Random Red Coral
59 Bane Guard Beastlord Chest Trigger War Boar
60 Alkare Magician, Beastlord Arms, Feet Kill All Alkari
61 Frogs Legs Wizard Head Random Gelatinous Cube
62 Razorback Wizard, Magician Arms, Feet Kill All War Boar
63 Ashes Wizard Hand Random Blue Coral
64 Adarna Enchanter Chest Trigger Gelatinous Cube
65 Exoking Necromancer, Enchanter Arms, Feet Kill All Exobeast
66 Blurb Enchanter, Necromancer Arms, Feet Kill All Slarg
67 Angler Berserker Legs Trigger Jellyfish
68 Sea Devil Magician Hand Random Jellyfish
69 Life Magician Chest Trigger NTI
70 Death Rogue Leg Trigger Dark Jellyfish
71 Ochre Jelly Necromancer Head Random NTI
72 Aballin Ranger Leg Trigger Illthidae
73 Gray Ooze Necromancer Hand Random Dark Jellyfish
74 Hidden Wizard Chest Trigger Slarg
75 Triskelion Magician Head Random Slarg
76 Cyclonic Ravager Enchanter Head Random Alkari
77 Holocaust Deciple Cleric Leg Trigger Illthocyte
78 Waterveiled Assassin Enchanter Hand Random Illthidae
79 Phytosaur Necromancer Chest Trigger Alkari
80 Aetozaur Beastlord Wrist TIMED N/A
81 Sarras Shadow Knight Wrist TIMED N/A
82 Aleya Paladin Wrist TIMED N/A
83 Kra Sue Cleric Wrist TIMED N/A
84 Foc Follet Bard Wrist TIMED N/A
85 Onibi Shaman Wrist TIMED N/A
86 Corpse Fire Ranger Wrist TIMED N/A
87 The Hammer Rogue Wrist TIMED N/A
88 Winghead Berserker Wrist TIMED N/A
89 The Recluse Druid Wrist TIMED N/A
90 Ice Cube ALL Shield Kill All Gelatinous Cube
91 Harvester Warrior, Wizard Arms, Feet Kill All NTI
92 Bain Monk Wrist TIMED N/A
93 Shiny Wizard Wrist TIMED N/A
94 Lectric Magician Wrist TIMED N/A
95 Judgement Necromancer Wrist TIMED N/A
96 Pack Master Enchanter Wrist TIMED N/A
97 Guyver Warrior Leg Trigger Alkari
98 Omadon ALL Back Random Illithid
99 Death Knight ALL Shoulders Random Illithid
100 Riptor Warrior Hand Random Illthocyte

Source information by Pimpn: http://ezserver.online/forums/index.php?topic=2013.0


  • It might help to keep track of which bosses and loots you have, and which you need. Here is a download link for a printable 100 Boss Checklist:
  • This is the first tier that it is almost essential that you have access to a Free Waypoint (Reward Item). The ability to repop this zone will make the last 10 or so bosses MUCH, MUCH easier and faster.
  • Use "/stick uw" instead of just "/stick" to make underwater following (slightly) better.
  • Upon zoning into the Abyss, it is a good idea to use "/highlight NPC" - this allows new spawns (bosses or chains) to appear in a different color, so that they are easy to identify -
  • If you are only after a specific boss, you may want to use "/mapshow nameofnpc" or "/maphide nameofnpc" to see only what you need to kill
  • If the last NPC of a "Kill All" boss is a trigger NPC, it will not spawn the "Kill All" boss.
  • The accessories that drop here can be upgraded in Anguish so they are worth getting on each character as well as the visible armour


Spell Drops

Spell Class
Spell: Skin of the Drake III Druid
Spell: Abyssmal Shield II Magician
Spell: Ancient: Druid Regeneration III Druid
Spell: Armor of the Martyr II Cleric
Spell: Bone Charm of Shadoo II Shaman/Beastlord
Spell: Baited Breath II Shaman
Spell: Blast of Vulnerability Enchanter
Spell: Breathless III Enchanter
Spell: Irrational Irritation III Enchanter
Spell: Keep of Alendar II Enchanter
Spell: Polarity Flux II Enchanter
Spell: Rune of Denial III Enchanter
Spell: Brushcoat II Ranger
Spell: Crusader Fury II Paladin
Spell: Chaotic Frost III Druid
Song: Chorus of the Risen Bard
Spell: Cloak of Anarchy Shadow Knight
Spell: Shield of Eldritch III Enchanter
Spell: Wave of Purity II Paladin
Spell: Curious Creation II Wizard
Spell: Deafening Silence II Wizard
Song: Elemental A Cappella II Bard
Spell: Elemental Rage Magician
Spell: Elysian Water II Ranger
Spell: Erratic Flashbacks II Shaman
Spell: Form of Ancient Spirits II Shaman
Spell: Form of the Werewolf II Druid
Spell: Gale Force II Ranger
Spell: Harbinger of the Sun III Druid
Spell: Harvest V Wizard
Spell: Holy Blessing of Intervention Cleric
Spell: Howl of the Huntmaster II Ranger
Spell: Incisor of the Unholy Necromancer
Song: Nillipus Stampede of the Wee Bard
Song: Purifying A Cappella II Bard
Spell: Remissive Remedy II Shaman
Spell: Seismic Shift II Druid
Spell: Static Burst II Wizard
Spell: Taelosian Victory Magician
Song: Tempest Blade III Bard
Spell: Thirst of Muram II Shadow Knight
Spell: Timeless: Chlorobon Druid
Spell: Timeless: Chromastrike II Cleric
Spell: Tower of Calrena II Wizard
Spell: Yamakagis Fiery Passion Inferno II Wizard
Spell: Blood Ablaze III Shadow Knight
Spell: Vile Tightness III Shadow Knight
Spell: Theft of Toughness II Shadow Knight