Temple of Veeshan

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Temple of Veeshan is a fairly straightforward zone, which should be a relief after the random aspects of Loping Plains. You kill a series of 18 boss dragons, which drop a set of pre-determined items, and then kill the boss of the zone Vulak'Aerr who always drops (1) Essence of Temple Veeshan, (3) Dragon Scales, and (1) spell. Collect all visible armor and your Epic 8.0 to progress to Old Commons

ToV Big Map.jpg
Map # Dragon Name Loot
1 Dozekar the Cursed Chest
2 Gozzrem Boots
3 Lendiniara the Keeper Head
4 Telkorenar Wrist
5 Ikatiar the Venom Cloak
6 Eashen of the Sky Weapon
7 Aaryonar Arms
8 Lord Feshlak Waist
9 Dagarn the Destroyer Shield
10 Lord Kreizenn Ring
11 Lady Nevederia Legs
12 Jorlleag Shoulders
13 Cekenar Mask
14 Zlexak 100% AA Potion
15 Sevalak Dragon Mount
16 Lady Mirenilla Hands
17 Lord Koi'Doken Earring
18 Lord Vyemm Necklace
19 Vulak'Aerr 3 Dragon Scales
1 Essence
1 Spell



  • Ultimate Charm v3 - Collect 100 of each colored scale and 100 pieces of armor. Turn all 400 items into the quest giver in Temple of Veeshan to recieve Ultimate Charm upgrade v3.

Combine Ultimate Charm v2 and Ultimate Charm v3 upgrade in magic box to create Ultimate Charm v3.



Spell Drops

Spell Class
Spell: Ancient: Druid Regeneration IV Druid
Spell: Armor of the Martyr III Cleric
Spell: Bashful Crustaceans Hulkamania II Beastlord
Spell: Chaotic Frost IV Druid
Spell: Cloak of Anarchy II Shadow Knight
Spell: Curious Creation III Wizard
Spell: Harbinger of the Sun IV Druid
Spell: Hatebornes Glacial Gift II Wizard
Spell: Insanity V Enchanter
Spell: Over Raided Healing II Cleric
Spell: Skin of the Drake IV Druid
Spell: Summon Phantom Necklace of Veeshan Magician
Spell: Taelosian Victory II Magician
Spell: Thirst of Muram III Shadow Knight
Spell: Timeless: Chlorobon II Druid
Spell: Timeless: Chromastrike III Cleric
Spell: Timeless: Pack Regeneration IV Druid
Spell: Tower of Alendar III Enchanter
Spell: Tower of Calliav III Magician
Song: Tempest Blade IV Bard
Spell: Blood Ablaze IV Shadow Knight
Spell: Vile Tightness IV Shadow Knight
Spell: Word of Vivification II Cleric