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Anguish is one of the easier zones to achieve a full set of armor and epic. This should come as a welcome break after the months of time spent in the Abyss.

To progress through this zone, you must kill each of the 14 bosses, which get progressively harder as you get deeper into the zone, and use their armor gems to create your Anguish armor. Minibosses which spawn randomly from trash have epic pages that you put into an incomplete epic 5.5, looted from a chest, which is also spawned randomly from trash. The boss of the zone, Overlord Mata Muram drops the completed epic 6.0. To engage OMM, you must clear the entire zone, as he will despawn if you do not.

The second version of Ultimate Charm is from a quest in this zone, and will take some time, so if you plan on doing this quest, especially on more than one character, you will be in this zone for a while.


  • Loot armor stones off each of the 14 bosses
  • Combine armor stones in the magic box with your unaugged Abyss armor to make new Anguish armor.
  • Loot the Incomplete Epic book 5.5 off "Rare chests" spawned by random trash
  • Collect all 10 pages from minibosses spawned from trash (see "Incomplete Epic Pages" table)
  • Combine the Incomplete Epic book 5.5 with all 10 pages to create the completed epic 5.5
  • Clear every NPC in the zone (or close to it) to attack Overlord Mata Muram (If you don't clear the zone, he will despawn on attack)
  • Kill all three incarnations of OMM to loot the completed Epic book 6.0 (along with an Essence of Anguish and other goodies)
  • Give the completed book 5.5 and 6.0 to Epic Vendor with your old augments to create your Epic augment 5.5 and 6.0
Anguish Big Map.jpg


Map # Boss Name Stone
1 Girplan Slavemaster Wrist
2 Cerberus Ear
3 Vilria the Keeper Finger
4 Keldovan the Harrier Hands
5 Grenlok the Converter Shoulder
6 Tanthi the Tormentor (Jelvan) Feet
7 Tantho the Tormentor (Jelvan) Back
8 Tanthu the Tormentor (Jelvan) Arms
9 Bozak Neck
10 Ture Head
11 Damlin lingering Charge Face
12 Administrator Charial Waist
13 Warden Hanvar Legs
14 Arch Magus Vangl Chest
15 Overlord Mata Muram Epic 6.0

Incomplete Epic Pages

These page bosses randomly spawn from NPC trash that is killed. Combine the pages in the Incomplete Epic Book 5.5 to create the Completed Epic Book 5.5.

Page Name
1 Lilaria
2 Shalvo
3 Ofanso
4 Novara
5 Jansio
6 Arisisi
7 Laveng
8 Vonaahsa
9 Yhinra
10 Uchti

Ultimate Charm v2

  • Collect the Ultimate Charm quest from "Augment Collector" NPC
  • Collect 10 of each of the following augments and give them back to the Augment Collector to receive "Ultimate Charm Upgrade v2"
Augment Location Map #
Anguish Augment of Ear Cerberus 2
Anguish Augment of Head Ture 10
Anguish Augment of Face Damlin lingering Charge 11
Anguish Augment of Neck Bozak 9
Anguish Augment of Shoulder Grenlok the Converter 5
Anguish Augment of Arms Tanthu the Tormentor (Jelvan) 8
Anguish Augment of Back Tantho the Tormentor (Jelvan) 7
Anguish Augment of Wrist Girplan Slavemaster 1
Anguish Augment of Hands Keldovan the Harrier 4
Anguish Augment of Finger Vilria the Keeper 3
Anguish Augment of Chest Arch Magus Vangl 14
Anguish Augment of Legs Warden Hanvar 13
Anguish Augment of Feet Tanthi the Tormentor (Jelvan) 6
Anguish Augment of Waist Administrator Charial 12
Anguish Augment of HP Anguish Chest/Trash N/A
Anguish Augment of HP Regen Anguish Chest/Trash N/A
Anguish Augment of Mana Anguish Chest/Trash N/A
Anguish Augment of Mana Regen Anguish Chest/Trash N/A
Anguish Augment of Damage Shield Anguish Chest/Trash N/A
Anguish Augment of Shield Anguish Chest/Trash N/A



  • If you do pull and despawn Overlord Mata Muram because there are still mobs up in zone, zone your entire team out of the zone for 10 minutes. When you return he will be respawned. You can then kill all remaining mobs and go after him again.
  • When you do find a chest, you can either DPS it down or select the chest and type "/open" to automatically crack it open.
  • Jelvan: Approach Jelvan and "/say ready" to start the event. You will encounter 3 bosses, one at a time below.

Spell Drops

Spell Class
Spell: Acquittal of the Tribunal II Shaman
Spell: Ancient Ent Guard II Druid
Spell: Avatar of Undeath Necromancer
Spell: Shy Crustaceans Rain of Frogs III Druid
Spell: Blasphemous Tongue II Shaman
Spell: Ascendant Essence III Beastlord
Spell: Bestial Tower II Beastlord
Spell: Vicious Ice III Beastlord
Spell: Burning Tender II Ranger
Spell: Call of the Void III Shadow Knight
Spell: Cloak of the Night III Necromancer
Spell: Essencesink III Wizard
Spell: Explosive Energy II Shaman
Spell: Fistful of Arrows III Ranger
Spell: Frozen Fury II Shaman
Song: Harmonious Composition III Bard
Spell: Hatebornes Glacial Gift Wizard
Spell: Gift of the Avenger II Paladin
Spell: Incinerating Aura III Magician
Spell: Insinuations of Mori III Necromancer
Spell: Insanity IV Enchanter
Spell: Koadic Boundless Intellect III Enchanter
Spell: Masked Strength III Enchanter
Spell: Wail of Tashan III Enchanter
Spell: Kiss of Antraygus II Shaman
Spell: Malos Malignance III Magician
Spell: Mark of Emperors III Cleric
Spell: Summon Phantom Necklace of Anguish Magician
Spell: Timeless: Pack Regeneration III Druid
Spell: Timeless: Tempest Wind II Druid
Spell: Tower of Calliav II Magician
Spell: Tower of Vie III Cleric
Spell: Unholy Shackles III Necromancer
Spell: Unswerving Hammer of Absolution III Cleric
Spell: Virulence III Shadow Knight
Spell: Animated Ghoul Shadow Knight