Sunderock Springs

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Sunderrock Spring Map Big.jpg

Sunderock Springs is home to Tier 10, the most brutal mobs ever seen on the likes of EZ!


  • All Fading Memories spells / items / AAs are disabled here. (Feign Death abilities and spells DO work though)
  • All Levitate spells / items are disabled here.
  • Using "/mapfilter untargetable" and "/mapfilter ground" helps reduce the mq2 map issues.
  • Vampire Robe/Vampire Artefact are trash items from a no longer implemented quest.

Starting Out

Every character must do the entry quest via the Roaming Gnome standing in the starter area. This will force you to talk to all 3 faction leaders and they will give you a brief explanation of what their tier will offer you.

After speaking to all 3 of these leaders, you will complete the entry quest and choose a path for each and every character.
Once you have completed up to ally, it is possible to change to another faction without losing your progress. Simply talk to the roaming Gnome and select "All done" and he will allow you to choose from one of the other two remaining camps. (You will not lose progress on weapon quests)

  • Orcish Tier has high HP and no heroic resists, tank / melee bonuses
  • Sathirian Tier has low HP and high heroic resists, caster bonuses
  • Gnollish Tier has medium HP and medium heroic resists, healer / buffer bonuses

Before You Set Out

There's still more to do in the camp after you have aligned your characters with the factions of your choice. There are two important NPCs of the Qeynos and Freeport Initiative to speak with.

Grinding Your Way

Each faction will start you off with a "Slay 250" quest followed by a "Slay 500" quest. Upon completing both of these, you will unlock the Armory dialogue from your respective faction leader as well as a repeatable "Slay 750" quest to improve your reputation with the corresponding faction.

  • Unlocking the Armory for all of your characters as quickly as possible should be your first goal, as it allows you to pick up two quests immediately: Boot Tier Armor and Weapon Research.

How to Acquire Tier

Every faction level you attain, you will unlock a new Tier quest. If you have one of these quests, you must seek out a boss of the proper faction, they will drop a token, these tokens must be turned into the faction boss to unlock access to armor pieces. (Unlocking Wrist requires 2 tokens) By using the Armory dialogue, you will be able to requisition any of the tier you have earned. Note: You will NOT level your faction with every single turn in.

Note: The faction numbers are not correct when compared to the Magelo. (Needs updating)
The exact # of faction awarded is 75 per 750 kill quest at this time, but here is information regarding how faction works in Everquest, specifically the model used by EQ Emulator source code:

Faction Level Faction Rank Faction Points Tier Piece Unlocked
-2500 to -1100
-1100 to -750
-750 to -150
-150 to 0
0 to +150
+150 to +750
+750 to +1100
+1100 to +1450
+1700 to +2500

You will start your journey at Dubious.

Ultimate Armor

Once you have gotten to ally faction from one of the camps, you'll be able to speak with Nuwferus MacKilligan. He will give you a quest to acquire 6 pieces of a mythical hammer . These pieces drop off of trash mobs ultra rarely, but more typically from Plagueborn. Once you turn in all 6 pieces he will prompt you to bring him Glowing Sun Shard (ultra rare drop) and a matching piece of armor from all three factions and he will form them into Ultimate armor for you. Example: Turning in hand armor from Orc, Sarnak and Gnoll factions and a Glowing Sun Shard results in Ultimate Gloves for your class. Simply hand all 4 of those into Nuwferus, and the piece of Ultimate armor is yours!

How to Acquire The Champions Symbol

Vaquel the Champion will offer The Champion Soul Symbol Quest. The quest requires a soul from each of the bosses of Sunderock, which are rare drops. After turning in all of the souls to Vaquel the Champion, he will reward you with The Champions Symbol.

How to Acquire Accessories

Leokul Spiritmender will offer a Bandit Quest which must be completed to gain access to the Jewelry and Accessories. Upon killing a Bandit Leader, you will gain +5 credit toward this quest and they will drop a random amount of Immaculate Chromatium Fragments. These fragments may be turned in to Leokul Spiritmender on a character AFTER finishing his quest to be awarded a random accessory.

  • Important Note: All characters have access to all accessories, meaning you can and will get shields on characters which have no use for them. Every item he awards is LORE, so make sure you tuck these away in your bank so you don't have the misfortune of being awarded them a second time.

How to Acquire Epic

Elgeon Silvershaper will offer a Plagueborn Quest which you required to kill 1000 Plagueborn NPCs. Upon completion, and completion of one of the Collect 100 weapons from one of the three camps, hailing the The Roaming Gnome will reward you with Epic 10.0.


Faydwer Alliance (Grognir - Orcs)

  • Orc Thundermaker - Kill Stormbringers and Shaman (?) for a random chance to spawn
  • High Orc Warboss Zug - Kill Juggernauts for a chance to spawn
  • Basilisk Den Mother - Kill Basilisks for a rare chance to spawn
   *** Only 1 boss per faction will be up at a time ***

Cabilis Foreign Legion (Asmodae - Sarnaks)

  • Beast of Burden
  • Crypt Lord Vaxxol - Kill ghost Sarnaks to spawn, can chain spawn several times

Indigo Vanguard (Agwin - Gnolls)



  • Vampire Alteration Lord
  • Vampire Divination Lord
  • Vampire Evocation Lord


Item Clickies

Item Effect
Beefiest Beef Platter Increases your max HP by 5% for 7 minutes 48 seconds.
Burping Beer Gives you a lashing damage shield that deals 12,500 damage. Lasts 7 minutes 48 seconds or 750 hits.
Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookie Increases your spell haste by 60% and your attack speed by 120% for 7 minutes 48 seconds.
Fortune Cookie Spawns a random item on your cursor.
Potion of Angriest Rage Ever Increases your target's chance to land critical blasts with spells by 50% and weapon accuracy by 200% for 18 seconds.
Potion of Deepest Understanding Increases your group's chance to land critical blasts with spells by 50% and weapon accuracy by 200% for 18 seconds.
Potion of No Regrets ???
Potion of Palacleriud Cures you, decreasing curse, poison, disease, and detrimental counters by 99.
Potion of Smarts Rewards you 500 AAs.
Scroll of Death Touch Deals 250,000,000 damage to your target.
Scroll of Extreme Plaguejuice Deals 56,250 to 84,375 (random) damage per tick to your target for 1 minute.
Scroll of Grand Vivification Heals you for 75,000 hitpoints.
Scroll of Hurts So Good Puts a debuff on an enemy target that causes them to take 50,000 damage and heal your party for 30,000 each time they deal damage for 7 minutes 48 seconds.
Scroll of Iron Skin Increases your AC by 2,249 for 30 seconds.
Scroll of Stop Reduces your target's attack speed by 90% for 18 seconds.
Seventh Shot of a Seventh Round Adds a proc to your melee swings that deals 7,777,777 unmodifiable damage to your target.
Very Prickly Pear Gives you a 22,500 damage shield for 7 minutes 48 seconds.

Spell Drops

Spell Class
Song: Purifying A Cappella III Bard
Song: Harmonious Composition IV Bard
Spell: Ascendant Essence IV Beastlord
Spell: Bone Charm of Shadoo III Shaman Beastlord
Spell: Bone Charm of Jasinth III Shaman Beastlord
Spell: Timeless: Chromastrike IV Druid
Spell: Armor of the Crab III Cleric
Spell: Timeless: Pack Regeneration V Druid
Spell: Seismic Shift III Druid
Spell: Timeless: Tempest Wind III Druid
Spell: Insanity VI Enchanter
Spell: Mana Burst IV Enchanter
Spell: Incinerating Aura IV Magician
Spell: Tower of Calliav IV Magician
Spell: Shylos Bolt of Doom IV Magician
Spell: Insinuations of Mori IV Necromancer
Spell: Kiss of Corath IV Necromancer
Spell: Hungering Pyre IV Necromancer
Spell: Dark Beast Necromancer
Spell: Kaldars Touch III Necromancer
Spell: Wave of Purity III Paladin
Spell: Crusader Fury III Paladin
Spell: Burning Tender III Ranger
Spell: Blasphemous Tongue III Shaman
Spell: Kiss of Antraygus III Shaman
Spell: Static Burst III Wizard
Spell: Hatebornes Glacial Gift III Wizard
Spell: Kaldars Heavenly Fire III Wizard
Spell: Malos Malignance IV Shaman Magician
Spell: Elemental Tower III Wizard Magician