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Blackburrow Big Map.jpg

Blackburrow is the expedition for T10, Sunderock Springs.

Socho Darkpaw, of the Blackburrow in an attempt to make an alliance with the Vampires of Sunderock Springs to defeat the Orcs of Norrath traveled to Sunderock Springs. Once there he sought out the vampire clan, he only knew of the Mistmoore Vampire Mayong Mistmoore. He found the vampire clan close to the mortal’s Sunderock outpost. While he came in peace with his intentions he was immediately captured and savagely beaten. He was thrown at the feet of the Sunderock Vampire elders. The vampire elders told him for his interference in their affairs his clan would be made to suffer.

The vampire elders sent a plagueborn messenger from Sunderock Springs to Antonica. The message was to a trusted vampire, Mayong Mistmoore.

Required Level to enter: 78


Reward for completion is 30 Hive Shards

Completing Objectives

WARNING: Blackburrow NPCs are significantly tougher than in Sunderock. Tread lightly and pull carefully.

The zone is populated with Undead Gnolls of different types. The Gnolls can Flurry, Rampage, and Wild Rampage. Base damage against plate is between 400,000 and 500,000 per hit, and wild rampage inflict AOE damage between 1.3 million and 1.7 million per hit. It is highly suggested to have Insane Goblin Halloween Pet for all melee characters and Shield of the Ages maxed on the main tank.

On Gnoll death, there is a chance for a Plagueborn to spawn. These will count toward the Plagueborn Quest.

The Deathly Harbringer is on the 3rd floor of Blackburrow. Jump into the pit and swim to the north end of the pond. To the right is a small hallway and a gate guarded by two gnolls. Beyond the gate is an open room with two "Bodguards" and The Deathly Harbringer. She does have a chance to drop Essence of Sunderock.