Loping Plains

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Loping Plains Big Map.jpg

Loping Plains is an enormous zone with a lot of luck involved in farming items. Vampire Bats are the key as they always drop a single piece of armor and frequently start the Boss Cycle in the zone.

You can spawn Vampire Bats two different ways, from traps or randomly upon the death of NPCs. Traps are in random locations in the zone, and usually just spawn groups of NPCs, but occasionally will also spawn a bat.

Killing 40 of a specific set of NPCs (see Stone Droppers chart below) will spawn a new NPC which will drop a specified numbered stone. The stones can also (rarely) drop randomly from any NPC. Give all 12 of these stones to the Archaeologist to spawn the Floating Skull.

The Floating Skull can only be attacked with a Bane Weapon, which drops from Sloth as part of the Boss Cycle or an Ultimate Weapon 8 or greater. The Floating Skull drops the completed Epic book 7.0

Stone Droppers

Kill the following types of NPCs to spawn a new NPC (the "stonedropper"), which will drop the numbered stone. There should be exactly 40 NPCs required to kill in each group to spawn the stonedropper.

Stone NPC Type NPC Type
1 Crocodile Hopper
2 Minotaur -
3 Cursed Treant -
4 Mistwynd Lost Souls
5 Vampire Remnant
6 Drangol Warrior
7 Nightmare Imp
8 Nightwalker -
9 Shadowmane Tamer
10 Grizzly Worg
11 Bloodmoon Assassin
12 Zombie Skeleton

Boss Cycle

Killing a Vampire Bat will (hopefully) start a boss chain that will (hopefully) keep spawning through the entire chain (but not always).

Boss Loot
Vampire Bat Armor
Envy Accessories
Gluttony HP Augments
Lust Spell
Pride Weapons
Wrath Essence of LP
Sloth Bane Weapons
Greed 150k HP Mount


  • Epic 7.0
    • Collect all 12 stones by killing the specified NPCs to spawn the stonedropper (see table)
    • Hail the Archaeologist, and give all 12 stones to the Archaeologist (do not have to be from the same character)
    • Kill the Floating Skull (can only be hit by Ultimate Weapon 8+ or bane weapons)
    • Loot Completed Epic Book 7.0
  • Get all visible armor pieces
    • Traps and/or killing random NPCs in zone spawn Vampire Bats
    • Vampire Bats drop armor patterns
    • Give armor patterns to the wandering trader near the zonein for Loping Plains armor
  • Hail the Level Up Wench to become flagged for Temple of Veeshan


  • Treants and Pride both cast the Druid Spell: Skin of the Drake on themselves, so you will NEED to dispel it or turn off attack for 18 seconds when you see their health rising, or you will never kill them.
  • To easily keep track of stonedroppers or bosses, you may want to use either "/maphide npc" -or- "/highlight npc" so that any new spawns will be easily visible. Stonedroppers have the same names as existing NPC's, so it is crucial to be able to identify them. See the MacroQuest page for more information on these commands.


Spell Drops

Spell Class
Spell: Armor of the Crab II Cleric
Spell: Blessing of Ancient Oak III Druid
Spell: Call of the Void IV Shadow Knight
Song: Chorus of the Risen II Bard
Spell: Eldritch Ward III Wizard
Spell: Harvest VI Wizard
Spell: Hungering Pyre III Necromancer
Spell: Incisor of the Unholy II Necromancer
Spell: Kaldars Heavenly Fire II Wizard
Spell: Kaldars Touch II Necromancer
Spell: Kaldar's Helping Hand II Paladin
Spell: Kiss of Corath III Necromancer
Spell: Legend of Crab Lifetap II Shadow Knight
Spell: Breathless IV Enchanter
Spell: Legend of Shy Renewal II Enchanter
Spell: Legend of Shylich Renewal II Necromancer
Spell: Legend of Shylo Renewal II Magician
Spell: Mana Burst Enchanter
Spell: My Pet Crab II Shaman
Spell: Nature Walkers Behest III Druid
Song: Nillipus Stampede of the Wee II Bard
Spell: Over Raided Cat Heal II Beastlord
Spell: Shylos Bolt of Doom II Magician
Spell: Spirit of the Kraken II Shaman
Spell: Yamakagis Fiery Passion Inferno III Wizard
Spell: Theft of Survival III Shadow Knight