Bloodmoon Temple

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Bloodmoon Temple Map Big.jpg
Bloodmoon Temple is the expedition for T7, Loping Plains.

To enter the Bloodmoon Temple, go to Stonehive and speak with "Bloodmoon Temple Ancient" located in the north part of the zone (outside of the main "hive" building). Upon completion of this expedition, hailing the "Bloodmoon Temple Ancient" in Stonehive awards all members of the active raid 4 Hive Shards. Make sure you have downloaded the latest EZ Server Files before attempting to load this zone

Required Level to enter: 75

Master Necromancer

  • Summons zombies upon being engaged each time
  • Goes invulnerable and teleports to the next room at 75% and 50% remaining HP
  • Casts Incisor of the Unholy on the tank which must be cured (Spell type: Remove Detrimental). It will heal the Master Necromancer for very large amounts of HP every time it ticks
  • Casts an uncureable 55% Slow

Bloodmoon Warchief

  • Perma-rooted
  • Will get very angry if characters are far away from him when the fight begins (exact distance unknown, but if you don't have your team near him he will start AOE punching the entire zone for absurd amounts of damage)
  • Permanently invulnerable, opening the door to his room starts the encounter and removes invulnerability

Enchanted Geode

  • Teleports a character at random to a crystal pile in his room (unknown what this is for, melee that are /sticking to him already seem to run back unharmed)
  • Will crash the zone if you do not kill him fairly quick (been a long-known issue with this)

A Drangol Foreman

  • Tank em, spank em.