Sleeper's Tomb

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Sleeper's Tomb was introduced on November 29th, 2019, as the Tier 10.5 progression zone. It includes new spells for all classes, new weapons, armor and accessories, and quests. Entering Sleeper's Tomb requires each toon to have completed Tier 10, and have a minimum of 3 pieces of equipped Ultimate Armor from the previous progression zone, Sunderock Springs. Sleeper's Tomb was the first zone designed and primarily executed by Rent, an EZ Server GM.

Sleeper's Tomb includes a variety of bosses, including a few fights that require more coordination than usual for EZ Server, to be successful. There are a total of 10 bosses in Sleeper's Tomb, but only 4 of them are always up, Abyxcos, Last Stop, and 2 of the 4 Warders. The remaining bosses are triggered by killing random trash, or specific bosses.


There is no progression yet attached to Sleeper's Tomb. While there are quests for some very desirable items, it's not believed that Sleeper's Tomb will be required to go from Tier 10 to Tier 11, when that is released.









Kill the Pests! is a quest handed out by Collector of Annoying Beings at the zone in area. It requires you to kill 4326 Pestering Annoyances a small wyvern model NPC that spawn throughout the zone. This quest awards Wings of the Angel

Ultimate Charm V4 is a quest handed out by Siconix the Cluckster at the zone in area. It requires the collection of a total of 350 random drop Charming Roses, 70 in 5 different colors. This quest awards Ultimate Charm V4


Spells do not drop in Sleeper's Tomb, they are crafted using dropped components. See spell crafting guide for information on components, and recipes for combines.

Spell Class
Song: Tempest Blade V Bard
Spell: Vicious Ice V Beastlord
Spell: Timeless: Pack Regeneration IV Druid
Spell: Blessing of Ancient Oak IV Druid
Spell: Over Raided Healing III Cleric
Spell: Amplify Healing II Cleric
Spell: Shylos Bolt of Doom IV Magician
Spell: Masked Strength IV Enchanter
Spell: Taelosian Victory III Magician
Spell: Incinerating Aura V Magician
Spell: Incisor of the Unholy IV Necromancer
Spell: Avatar of Undeath II Necromancer
Spell: Crabtwoshoes Will Heal You Three! Paladin
Spell: Yaulp XI Paladin
Spell: Gale Force IV Ranger
Spell: Howl of the Huntmaster III Ranger
Spell: Spirit of the Kraken III Shaman
Spell: Dimur's Glacial Gift Wizard
Spell: Tower of Calrena V Wizard
Spell: The Gift That Keeps Giving? Wizard