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Iksar Monk with Ultimate Armor using Ultimate Great Axe

What to expect from Monks on EZServer (2023):

Monk is a fairly simple class. They can use Ninjastrike augs, which when paired with Spell: Crab Fu: The way of the Quickening Fists makes them do a decent amount of single target DPS. They are nowhere near the melee damage of a Rogue, but compared to Ranger, Bard, Berserker and Paladin, they are slightly better at doing damage. While in Everquest Live, Monks have a lot of damage abilities in Flying kick, Dragon claw and and Kick, those abilities don't have any damage modifier currently on EZServer. The best weapon setup as of June 2023 is Ultimate Long Sword XII and The Plaguebringer's Fist of Reckoning with Ninjastrike augments socketed. When you want to burn some extra damage, you should use your Innerflame Discipline. During regular combat, the monks also increase the group DPS slightly by using the combat ability Fist of Wu.

Primary Uses

Monk Epic List

Monk Class Epics and Epic Augments 1.0 - 10.0