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Half Elf Female Rogue with Ultimate Armor and using a Ultimate Dagger and Sleepers Point Dagger from Sleeper's Tomb

What to expect from Rogues on EZServer (2023):

Rogues are by FAR the best melee damage dealers on EZServer currently. Their melee damage is on par with what a Wizard can dish out with spells. Some encounters favors Rogues, especially NPCs with lower AC/mitigation, where as bosses often tend to be more susceptible to spell damage. The Rogues main damage comes from their combat ability: Backstab, which can triple attack if you are lucky and hit for insane amounts of damage. That's why it's important to make sure your Rogue(s) have decreased their aggro as much as possible to avoid them getting aggro and die = no DPS. This means getting the item Slimy Sapphire of Cowardice and the Enchanter buff: Masked Strength, which you can buff yourself once you get your Ultimate Armor in Sunderock Springs.

Rogues can use Ninjastrike augs, which gives them extra damage. The end game Rogue settle for wielding an Ultimate Dagger in their main hand and Cratos, Blade Of The Orcish Plaguebringer with Ninjastrike augments in their off-hand. The Sleeper's Point Dagger from Sleeper's Tomb is not a bad choice if you have yet to get your Ultimate Dagger. To further improve your Rogue's damage, you may want to use The Mitts of the Feral Enforcer, which can be aquired in Sunderock Springs while working on your Orc faction. These gloves will cut down your recast delay on the Backstab ability. When you want your Rogue to deal max burst damage, there is nothing better than the Frenzied Stabbing Discipline which cuts your backstabs recast delay from 4 seconds (assuming you wear the Orc gloves) to 2 seconds for a period, making you do massive damage. Rogue's Fury, Thief's Eyes and Deadly Presicion Discipline are some of many other combat abilities that will help your Rogue deal more damage as well.

Another useful skill for the Rogue is the ability to Hide and Sneak. This gives the Rogue the ability to move around in certain zones on EZServer without being noticed by NPCs. This can give you a good advantage in certain situations.

Primary Uses

Rogue Epic List

Rogue Class Epics and Epic Augments 1.0 - 10.0



  • As long you have the Epic Augment, you don't need to use /hide and /sneak to backstab. Just slap backstab ability to your macro and stabbing away.