Earring of the Ages

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There are two types of earrings in the "Earring of the Ages" line: Earring of the Brutal Ages, and Earring of the Mystic Ages.
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Worn Effect

Earring of the Brutal Ages worn effect "Beauty is Pain" multiplies all damage output from a player by the given percentage, much like the Ultimate Charm effect.

Rank 1-9: No bonus
Rank 10-19: 25% all dmg mod, 25% min dmg mod
Rank 20-29: 50% all dmg mod, 50% min dmg mod
Rank 30-39: 75% all dmg mod, 75% min dmg mod
Rank 40-49: 100% all dmg mod, 100% min dmg mod
Rank 50: 200% all dmg mod, 200% min dmg mod
- Kruciel 9-30-15

"Earring of the Mystic Ages clicky buff, "Painfully Gorgeous," adds additional spell damage that stacks multiplicatively with the Ultimate Charm effect.
Rank 1-9: No bonus
Rank 10-19: 10% spell dmg mod
Rank 20-29: 20% spell dmg mod
Rank 30-39: 30% spell dmg mod
Rank 40-49: 50% spell dmg mod
Rank 50: 100% spell dmg mod
- Hateborne 2/11/2015

Acquiring the Earring

The first level of the Earring of the Ages is acquired for 20,000 AA's from the Keeper of the Ages. Do not trade a GSoA with this first rank!
Further ranks require you to hand the Keeper of the Ages the previous level of the Earring, along with one Gemstone of the Ages and 20,000 AA's.
The final rank (49 to 50) requires 50,000 AA's and 3 Gemstone of the Ages.

Because of the expense of creating the Earring of the Ages, and the fact that the worn effect does not begin to appear until level 10, few players have begun this quest. It is also usually not started until the Ring of the Ages quest has been completed to level 1,000.

Level 50 Earring of the Ages will cost 1.03 million AA's and 51 Gemstone of the Ages.