Ultimate Augment

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Ultimate Augments are purchased from the Hive Queen in Stonehive, using the Hive Shards alternate currency.
Hive Shards are acquired from the Catacombs of Dranik, Bloodmoon Temple, and Old Blackburrow.

Augment Upgrade Tokens

Some Ultimate Augments can be upgraded, combine the augment with the correct upgrade token in a magic box.
Rank I Augment + Augment Upgrade Token = Rank II
Rank II Augment + Augment Upgrade Token II = Rank III
Rank III Augment + Augment Upgrade Token III = Rank IV

Upgradable Augments


Ultimate Protection

Wide Arc Swing

Group Short-Lived Blessing

Life From Pain

Group Chromatic Shield

Mighty Thorns

Non Upgradable Augments