Epic Augment

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For how to acquire an Epic, see Progression.
For the the weapon "skins", see Epic Weapon Skins.

Class Epic Effect 1 Epic Effect 2
Warrior 30-50% mitigation (click) Increased aggro (worn)
Paladin Healing:
Group Heal (combat)
Self-Heal (click)
Survival buff (proc)
Stonewall (click)
Damage on Block/Parry
Cleric Group Heal (combat) Group Heal (click)
Bard Group Short-Duration
Heal (click)
Shaman Large HP Group Buff (click) NPC Debuff (combat)
Druid PBAoE Nuke&DoT (click) Snare (click)
Berserker AoE Damage -
Monk Stun (click) Self-Only Cure (combat)
Rogue Increased Backstab Damage -
Enchanter Summon Pet -
Magician Summon Pet -
Necromancer Summon Pet -
Ranger Bow Damage Click -
Shadow Knight Defense: NPC Debuff Offense: Harm Touch
Wizard Rune HP/Mana Regen
Beastlord Summon Pet -