Scepter of Time

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Scepter of Time rank 1
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Scepter of Time rank 10

Hail Siinge Blacklist in the Nexus to get the Scepter of Time quest. The Scepter of Time is a great item to use for pull, as its range (200) is longer than the longest bow/arrow combination (150).

The NPCs in this list hit hard, have lots of hp, and high regen. You need to be around T4 to be able to start this quest.

Ranks of SoT can be combined in the magic box to form the next higher rank, up to a maximum level of 5. You need to combine it with a Stone of Impatience for each additional level up to level 9, and two for level 10.

NPC Zone Waypoint Zone Name
Guard Gollus West Freeport freportw
Guard Shorm North Qeynos qeynos2
Guard Kaldolar Kaladim kaladimb
Mayor Gubbin Rivervale rivervale
Clockwork XXX Ak'Anon akanon
Sentinel Hylin Erudin Palace erudnint
Grots Halas halas
Spice Neriak Third Gate neriakc
Basher Banzuk Grobb grobb
Librarian Zimor East Cabilis cabeast