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EZServer is a completely customized, emulated version of EverQuest. Some things will be the same as your experience on EQLive, some things will be different. Similar to EQLive, the real fun of the server begins at the end game, level 70.

EZServer is primarily a solo boxing server, and most users on EZServer play at least one full group of players, and upwards of 18 players every time they log on. There is, however, collaboration and helping between players on EZServer.

Setting up your client


1. Obtain a copy of EverQuest Rain of Fear 2

  • Start by downloading the downloader:
  • In the zip file will contain a client_download.bat - you can run this as Administrator to start downloading the client files

2. Once this is done you will have a folder named everquest_rof2, rename/store it where you want (e.g. C:/EZServer/...)

3. Download the EZ Server Files located at the main website on the left pane (these are dynamic links, and will update periodically, so make sure to re-download after a patch, or every few weeks.)
Extract these two zipped files into your main everquest directory

4. Download Macroquest. Select "Underfoot" or "ROF2" (depending on which client you are using) for Client, and "Classic" for build, then click download

5. Run "MacroQuest2.exe" and "EQBCServer.exe" before launching client

6. Create a forum account and loginserver account. Each forum account can support 3 login server accounts. One login server account is required per character. (i.e. if you want to create six characters, you will need to create 2 forum accounts, each with 3 loginserver accounts). Your loginserver account will be the username and password used to login to EverQuest.

7. Create a shortcut to EverQuest that DOES NOT USE THE EQLIVE PATCHER.

  • Go to your EverQuest directory
  • Find EQGame.exe
  • Create a shortcut to EQGame.exe on your desktop (right click --> Send to --> Desktop (create shortcut)
  • Right click on the newly created shortcut to EQGame.exe on your desktop
  • Select "Properties"
  • Look for "target" and add " patchme" after the text (with a space before the word patchme)
    • Example: "C:\EverQuest\eqgame.exe" patchme

8. Read the RULES for EZServer EZServer Rules
9. You may find it helpful to view the EZ Server: Getting Started YouTube video

Game Launch Troubleshooting

  • Note: If you get "The program can't start because d3dx9_30.dll is missing from your computer..." message, download Direct X.


If your computer can not handle more than one or two characters at a time, you may want to read the Optimization Guide, which is a guide to tweak your computer to allow the maximum amount of bots.

Creating Your Characters

WARNING! Before going any further, know that since EZServer is a boxing server, you will eventually need to create more than one character. Characters gain the same experience solo as they do in a group, so it may make sense to create multiple characters from the start. Even leaving additional characters in a group AFK at the zone-in will still grant them experience. However, you can get to level 70 with just one character if you choose to start with just one.

There are many considerations to make when selecting classes for your first group, but you do need at least two types of classes, a tank and a healer.

Warriors make the best tank, hands down, and most groups on EZServer have a warrior, usually as the most frequently played character. The only possible Warrior alternative is the Paladin or Shadow Knight, although that class can be more difficult to use in a tank role, especially when starting out.

In addition to the tank, you need a healer. Two classes are healers on EZ: Paladin and Cleric. Paladins and Clerics both have an epic weapon that procs a sizeable group heal in combat. Playing a Paladin as your healer can be a great choice, since they can take more of a beating in addition to healing, and they heal and cure diseases and poisons for the entire group just by swinging their epic weapon. The Cleric will also do very well at the start for healing, perhaps better than any other class. Clerics also, later (3.5 and up), get an epic that has the same group heal/cure as the paladin, and eventually (5.0+) get in addition to that effect a click on their epic that does a very heavy group heal. In addition to these two healers, there is also the Shaman and Druid which have abilities that set them apart from the other healers.

After these two mandatory roles are in your group (Tank and healer), you can fill the rest of your group with almost any class you choose, as they all add interesting variety to a group.

Berserkers are a good choice for DPS, as their Epic does Area of Effect (AoE) Damage per second (DPS), and because initially they are the best melee damage, and even long term do solid damage without having to rely on expensive weapon strike augments. Monk, Rogue, Beastlord, Ranger and Bard are also good choices for DPS to add to your group.

Your characters will start out in QRG, (Surefall Glade from EQLive). The first thing you need to do is find the Newbie Vendor and purchase free food, drink, and newbie armor. Then, find the Epic Vendor and purchase your free Epic 1.0

Next, locate Alcarmaba in Surefall Glade to start a quest in one of the custom leveling zones that will reward you with experience and an item, or find and hail the Universal Teleporter and select a zone to gain experience in


Instancing on EZ is very simple: just say "Instance" and follow the scripted links and info. Money for the instances is no longer fed to a spawned or static waypoint, but instead is automatically taken from your inventory.

There are 3 types of instance: solo, guild and raid. A solo instance is just that: solo! However, it also acts as a group instance, allowing up to 5 other characters to enter as well. While this type instance is slightly cheaper than the other two, it has its own issues and bugs, making it all in all usually not worth using. Most just use the guild or raid instances.

Guild instances have no limit to characters you can have as members, and raid instances are limited to 76 total characters. How it can /say instance to pull up the instance interface, and follow the links, type prompts in say. To create...

  • /say create [solo/raid/guild] instance - Creates an instance of the current zone that you are in
  • /say create [solo/raid/guild] instance [zone_short_name] - Does a remote instance create when you use zone short name

    When a Guild Instance is created, you will see a message that prompts other Guild members that it had been created, along with a link to immediately zone you into their instance. When you first create your instance, it is marked as a private instance in which others will need a direct invitation to join (see below), but if you wish to have this instance be open so people can just, for example, say "enter raid akkadius qrg", you need to mark it as open in the links shown when you /say instance. To invite specific players to a closed instance...
  • /say raid invite (zone name) player1, player2, player3 etc
  • /say solo invite (zone name) player1, player2, player3 etc

    You must be added to someones instance in order to be able to enter it when it is private, however when it is public you can perform "enter" syntax to enter their instance without invite. For example, /say enter [solo/guild/raid] Akkadius nexus. Alternatively, you can click the saylink in your 'instance list' menu to enter an instance. Once an instance is created, you can delete your owned instance, however you have a 12 minute delay before you can create another instance. Every 10 minutes you can also repop an instance (resetting all spawns) by typing /say repop instance, which will automatically charge whatever the cost was for a raid instance to your inventory.

Once you reach level 70, you are ready for Alternate Experience and Progression.