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Every new character starts in Surefall Glade. While the EZServer experience really starts from level 70, some players like to do a bit of the old nostalgia and level up to 70 slowly. You can find low level quests in this zone if that is the path you want to choose.

For those that wants to get to level 70 quickly, getting a few high level buffs + damage shield is the way to go. After getting some buffs (Wings buffs) just move to soldungb and run around for a few minutes gathering mobs. They will die fast due to your damage shield buff, effectively leveling you and your raid group up to level 46 in a matter of minutes. At this point you move to Plane of Fire and do the same routine there. Should not take many minutes to break level 70. At this point, there is no more level ups by getting experience, so make sure you turn your AA to 100% instead. AAs have several important uses on EZServer.

You should at least buy some Magic Boxes for inventory space at the vendor here. Also make sure to pick up "Summon Teleporter" and "Summon Banker" items for free. These items can be used to access your bank as well as a zone teleporting menu. Journeyman Boots and Pegasus Cloak is also good items to have in the beginning for levitate and a bit faster run speed. You can teleport to this zone by clicking a Noobie Item v1, an item that you can get at the vendor as well.

In Surefall Glade you can also train your offensive and defensive skills, which is quite beneficial. Just head over to the skeleton dummies and practice for a while.

Notable NPC's