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Alternate Advancement experience in EZServer, after achieving level 70 and maxing out your AA Abilities, is used primarily for advancing the Ring of the Ages and Mask of Experience. In the very late stages of the game, once the Ring of the Ages has been maxed to level 1000, some players create an Earring of the Ages, but it is very expensive to upgrade.

Things to know

  • EZServer does not penalize group experience (i.e. solo experience is the same as group or raid experience) - so when possible, GROUP YOUR CHARACTERS
  • Raid experience is greater than group experience - so, even if you are only playing one or two players, CREATE A RAID FOR THEM, they will gain more experience

Rainbow Crystals

Minor Lesser Rainbow.jpg

Rainbow Crystals are dropped in all progression zones after and including Plane of Dragons. They are not dropped in Tower of Frozen Shadow or the expedition zones from the Miner

You can turn in two Minor Rainbow Crystals to the Miner for a chance to make a Greater Rainbow Crystal - or two Lesser Rainbow Crystals for a chance to make a Major Rainbow Crystal. The chance of success is approximately 33%. If you fail the turnin, you receive one of the two original crystals back. In theory, in the long run you will get ~17% more AAxp by gambling with the Miner. However, it can really hurt to lose the AAs in the short run, especially early in the game.

Mask of Experience

Mask of experience.jpg

Easy Experience Reward Item

Ring of the Ages