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Commonly used shorthand expressions you may see in chat used on EZServer

Acronym Literal Meaning More Info
Akka Akkadius EZServer's / Project EQEmu Developer
Draca Dracawarrior EZServer's World Developer
AA Alternate Experience
AFK Away from Keyboard
Aggro Aggression A character that will attack you
AoE Area of Effect
CoH or CoTH Call of the Hero Magician spell, Call of the Hero
DoT Damage over Time refers to Spells
EoBA / EoMA Earring of the Ages
EoFS or ToFS X Essence of Frozen Shadow "X" can be 1-7 depending on which Essence is being referred to
EoN Essence of Norrath
Exp/XP Experience
EZ EZ Server
FS Firestrike Augment
GLS Greater Lightstone
GSoA Gemstone of the Ages
GSS Glowing Sun Shard
HoT Heal over Time Refers to Spells
IS Icestrike Augment
Lore You can only have one in your inventory
Live EverQuest live (non-emulated)
Mask/MoE Mask of Experience
Master Master Essence A no drop essence from Advisor Svartmane and Sleeper's Tomb
MGB Mass Group Buff Usually means someone will give a powerful Area of Effect buff (typically) in Nexus
Mob Non-Playing Character Same as "NPC"
Noob/Newbie New Player
NPC Non-Playing Character Same as "mob"
NS Ninjastrike Augment
PBAoE Point Blank Area of Effect
PB Plagueborn A Reference to a quest mob in Sunderock (Tier 10 zone)
PH Place Holder NPC that has a chance to spawn a boss
Rainbow Rainbow Crystals Alternate Experience reward item
Regen Regeneration A Druid Spell, or how fast an enemy naturally heals
RNG Random Number Generator
RoA Ring of Ages
SLS Superior Lightstone
SoA Shield of the Ages
UA Ultimate Armor
UC Ultimate Charm
UW Ultimate Weapon
ZP Zone Pull Item to aggro the whole zone