Plane of Time

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Slowly progressing through the Plane of Time was one of my most fun experiences on EZServer. You will definitely need to have at least a group of 3 to progress through this zone at the bare minimum (but 6 would be even better). A Warrior to tank, and a Paladin or Cleric for heals are a must, and any additional DPS classes will make killing these bosses much faster and easier.


  • Kill all 10 bosses, and loot the pages
  • Kill Terrorantula in South Ro, and loot the incomplete epic book
  • Combine the 10 pages in the incomplete epic book to make the completed epic book 1.5
  • Give the completed epic book 1.5 to the Epic Vendor for your epic 1.5.


Boss Page #
Gemcutter 1
Ssss 2
Lockjaw's Big Brother 3
Stampy 4
Eight Eyes 5
Silver Knight 6
Warlord Statue 7
Djinni 8
The Eternal 9
Dragon Slave 10

NOTE: To access Dragon Slave, there is a very small NPC behind Warlord Statue that you need to hail.


  • Make sure to hire a "Henchman" - the hireable NPCs near the zonein. To hire them, target the one you want, hail him/her, /say hire
    • You can hire a Henchman on all of your boxes
    • Be warned: the clerics will not heal you! Go for a damage-dealer instead
  • Plane of Time bosses hit significantly harder than the other mobs in the 1-70 quest zones. You may need to gear your characters slowly from (1) Plane of Time trash NPCs (2) Dulak's Harbor bosses (3) Solusek Ro's Tower
  • Dragon Slave can be tricky, he hits quite a bit harder than the other bosses, so you may want help fighting him