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EZ Credits are used to buy various reward items, pets, packages, etc. They can be obtained by donating, NPC drops for special events, PVP bosses or from other players in game. The NPCs to redeem credits or purchase itmes can be found in Stonehive, QRG, and Nexus.

Name Cost Type Info
1 Dose Potion of Experience (200 Percent) 5 Experience 200% XP potion (1 hour)
Superior Lightstone 5 Item -
Gemstone of the Ages 30 Item -
Charm Prism Upgrade 3 Item -
Ultimate Charm v1 175 Item -
Ultimate Charm v2 350 Item -
Ultimate Charm v3 525 Item -
Ultimate Charm v2 Upgrade 175 Item -
Ultimate Charm v3 Upgrade 175 Item -
Disguise Item 2 Disguise 38 different clickie illusion items
Plane of Dragons Crystals (x30) 7 Boss Spawn Choice of Fire / Water / Earth / Ice
Halls of Honor Boss Tokens (x30) 10-40 Boss Spawn Cost varies depending on boss
Greater Rainbow Crystal 65 Experience 10,000 AA Crystal
Minor Rainbow Crystal 15 Experience 2,000 AA Crystal
Race Change 5 Disguise Permanent Race Change
Guild Flag 12 Flag Fighter's, Caster's, or Crafter's guild access
Fastest Travel (Reward Item) 5 Utility Fastest possible movement modifier
Group Levitate (Reward Item) 5 Utility Group levitate
Mass Resurrection (Reward Item) 100 Utility AoE Resurrection effect, consumes water flask
Call of the Companions (Reward Item) 25 Utility Summons entire group to your location
Call of the Warband (Reward Item) 75 Utility Summons entire raid to your location
Free Waypoint (Reward Item) 100 Utility Instances no longer cost any platinum
Easy Experience Upgrade Token 250 Experience Upgrade Existing Easy Experience Item by one level
Easy Experience v1 (Reward Item) 250 Experience 250% increased experience
Easy Experience v2 (Reward Item) 500 Experience 500% increased experience
Easy Experience v3 (Reward Item) 750 Experience 1000% increased experience
Spirit of the Ninja Click (Reward Item) 30 Avoidance Instant click remove aggro
Spirit of the Ninja Proc (Reward Item) 30 Avoidance Combat proc remove aggro
Summon Noobie Merchant (Reward Item) 20 Utility Summons Noobie Vendor
Shrink Enemy (Reward Item) 5 Utility Shrink target NPC
Shrink Friends (Reward Item) 5 Utility Shrink group
Succor (Reward Item) 10 Avoidance Instant click group succor
QVic 15 Tokens Flag 5 Flag -
Stone Monster Halloween Pet 100 Mitigation 15% mitigation buff with pet
Insane Goblin Halloween Pet 200 Mitigation 17% mitigation buff with pet
Abyss Kill Flag  ??? Flag Flags a single boss from Abyss quest
Noobie Package 30 Experience See below
Zone Pull Spear 2 Utility Pull entire zones with the zone pull spear up to t10

Noobie Package

30 Credits