Fighter's Guild Quest

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Attention: A new alternate method to complete this quest has been added in game(August 2023). The goal was to create a more engaging way to complete these quests. You can read more about it in this forum post : [Thicket]. If you want to use this new and alternate way of working on the Casters- and fighters guild quest, you can find information about the zone here, Misty Thicket.

The fighter's (or caster's) guild quest is required to complete your 2.5 epic quest
It also gives you access to a merchant that sells better food/drink, and a NPC that will greatly increase all of your melee skills. Getting the FG quest is a must for any of your group members that take or give damage with weapons, even if they have already done the Caster's Guild Quest.




Quest Information

Item Zone Waypoint Name NPC
Greater Lightstone Jaggedpine Forest jaggedpine Willowisp
Water Flask Nexus nexus Noobie Vendor
Dragoon Dirk Crushbone crushbone Ambassador D'Vinn
Shiny Brass Shield Crushbone crushbone Orc Trainer
Dwarven Work Boots Estate of Unrest unrest Garanel Rucksif
Adamantite Band Lower Guk gukbottom Reanimated Hand
Polished Granite Tomahawk Eastern Karana eastkarana Grenix Mucktail
Mithril Two-Handed Sword Lower Guk gukbottom Froglok King
An Executioner's Axe Lower Guk gukbottom Ghoul Executioner
Flowing Black Silk Sash Lower Guk gukbottom Frenzied Ghoul
Short Sword of the Ykesha Lower Guk gukbottom Ghoul Lord
Silver Chitin Hand Wraps Velkator's Labyrinth velketor Any of the spiders
Fighting Baton Crypt of Dalnir dalnir Lumpy Goo
Knuckle Dusters Old Sebilis
(see "Tips" below)
sebilis Harbringer Freglor
Staff of Forbidden Rites Permafrost permafrost Lady Vox
Fungus Covered Scale Tunic Old Sebilis sebilis Myconid Spore King
Trakanon Idol Trakanon's Teeth trakanon Turn in the medallions of the Nathsar and Kunzar to Emperor Ganak
King's Chest Card (x4) LDoN LDoN level 5 (guka) random trash


  • Doing the Fighter's Guild quest is best done in instances. A Free Waypoint (Reward Item) will allow you to do this for free, but even if you don't have one of these the instances for all of these zones are just 5,000 platinum each... Keep changing and/or repopping the instance until the proper named is up.
  • You cannot teleport to gukbottom directly using the teleporter. You also cannot create an instance of gukbottom remotely, you must travel to the zone and create an instance from there. Once the instance has been created, the instance can then be entered from anywhere.
  • To get past the locked door in Sebilis, do the following:
    • Buy shrink potion(s) from Noobie Vendor
    • Go next to the locked door in Sebilis
    • Cast shrink on yourself
    • Walk RIGHT up next to the locked door
    • /camp out
    • When you log in, you should be on the other side of the door