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WARNING! Until a fix is put in, you will have to make Plane of Knowledge instances to craft safely. In public zones, the first player to touch a Crafting Station after server reboot is basically gaining full ownership of that station. He can leave, run around, buy stuff from merchants, come back and use it again. Any other character that decides to walk over and combine something inside it gets their UI locked, items eaten, along with a message "Error: Server does not recognize the Crafting container you are attempting to use" Creating a PoK instance will spawn fresh stations, just do not try to use the same station on multiple characters for now.

You can start the Crafter's Guild quest by hailing MacGuyver in the Nexus, and creating the necessary items.

There is also a fantastic visual guide put together (PDF format) based on the above guide by Reddwarf that can be viewed here.One side note on the guide: due to changes in AA's on the server, you no longer need to level up jewelcrafting! Now any character can get JC Mastery AA!

A guide on the Crafter's Guild Quest is available on the EZ Server forums's Crafter's Guild Guide.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Crafter's Guild flag for 12 EZ Credits.


Missing Crafting Stations - I can't find or see them
This can be caused if you have modified your GlobalLoad.txt in the everquest/resources folder, ensure the following line is present, if not, the crafting stations will not be loaded/visible.

 1,1,TFTFE,GEquip,Loading Character Equipment Files

Alt text
Crafter's Guild Video Guide
PoK Big Map.jpg