Noobie Vendor

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Newbie Vendor.jpg
Item Cost Description
magic box
10 slot container
Ant's Potion
1 Charge shrink potion
Black Sapphire Velium Necklace
65 HP, 65 Mana Neck Item
Bristlebanes Party Platter
75HP, 75Mana, 10 to every stat food
Cleansing Pumice 3p2g5s4c 5 Charge Cancel Magic Potion
Cloudy Potion 5p4g2s4c 1 Charge Invisibility Potion
Fabled Peagasus Feather Cloak 1084p Levitation Shoulder Item with stats
Flame Tipped Acrylia Arrow
50dmg, 125range arrow
Gate Potion
1 Charge Gate Potion
Gate Ring 1084p Unlimited Charge Gate Ring
Golden Black Sapphire Earring
25hp, 35mana earring
Golden Diamond Mask
resist mask
Juice of Quellious 108p 25hp, 25mana, 5 to every stat drink
40dmg, 51dly, 100range bow
Noobie Item v1
26%haste, 25regen, 25manaregen, surefall gate charm
Noobie Item v2
46%haste, 75regen, 75manaregen, nexus gate charm (req lvl 60)
Platinum Efreeti Armor
Statless All/All White Plate armor
Rubicite Breastplate 4p 19AC, 3regen BP
Runed Oak Bow 1356p 105dmg, 43dly, 125range bow
Selo's Drums of the March
Bard Drum
20dmg, 26dly, 150range throwing weapon
Staff of Fluxing Power 524400p 10AC, 1000mana, 10mana regen, 25 int, 25wis, effect: +5000 mana
Summon Banker
Effect: Summon Banker
Summon Teleporter
Effect: Summon Teleporter
Summon Waypoint
Effect: Summon Waypoint
Velium Blue Diamond Ring
10AC, 65HP, 65Mana, 5 to every stat LORE ring
Velium Fire Wedding Ring
6AC, 65HP ring
Water Flask
statless drink