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Abyxcos is one of the always spawned bosses when you zone into Sleeper's Tomb. He is located on the 2nd set of ramps leading down to Kerafyrm. Killing Abyxcos has an approximately 1 in 35 chance of spawning Real Abyxcos. Abyxcos drops a considerable amount of Essence of Norrath if farmed consistently.


Abyxcos has one ability he does one time per fight, an unsurviveable area-effect direct damage spell, which he always triggers almost immediately upon being pulled. This can be negated by the use of Paladin and Cleric Divine Aura type spells, or the use of the Bard group buff Kazumi's Chant of Protection. Farming Abyxcos is made much easier with the use of the Bard buff, as it protects your whole group from getting wiped, and has a low, 3 minute recast.


  • Essence of Norrath (rare)
  • Various Tier Essences (common)
  • Temple of Frozen Shadow Essences 1-4 (common)