Kael Drakkel

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Kael Drakkel

The Story of Kael

For decades, the frigid citadel of Kael Drakkel stood as a testament to the might and ferocity of the Kromzek and Kromrif giants. Under the rule of the formidable King Tormax, the Kromzek worshiped the god of war, Rallos Zek, and their citadel echoed with the sounds of battle drills and the fervent prayers to their patron deity.

We all know the story about how the giants and other creations of Rallos Zek were cursed by The Rathe for making war upon the gods themselves. That curse did not seem to apply to these giants, though how they managed to escape divine wrath is still a mystery.

At the outset, the Kromrif clan reveled in the splendors of Velious. However, as time unfolded, discontent seeped into their once contented hearts, disenchanted with the Kaelian way of life and the rule of the Kromzek King, Tormax. Fjordavind, a formidable giant among the Kromrif, emerged as a charismatic leader. He united his kin and embarked on a journey to the northern realms of Antonica, seeking refuge in the unforgiving and icy expanse of Valdeholm.

Years passed, and in the harsh land of Valdeholm, the Kromrif giants observed their brethren in Kael Drakkel. What began as a tempting journey long ago, ended up with a mix of envy and resentment. In Valdeholm, they believed that the Kromzek had grown complacent in their alliance with the deity. The Kromrif desired a stronger connection to Rallos Zek, one that would elevate their clan above the Kromzek and secure a more prominent place in the god's favor, but the decision to split from their once friendly clan had done them more bad than good.

Driven by the ambition to strengthen their own position, the Kromrif chieftains devised a daring plan. In the dead of winter, under the cover of a blizzard, the Kromrif launched a surprise assault on Kael Drakkel. The element of surprise was their greatest ally, catching the Kromzek off guard and plunging Kael Drakkel into a bitter war of giants.

The battles raged through the icy corridors and towering spires of Kael Drakkel, echoing with the clash of massive weapons and the roars of giants. King Tormax, though a seasoned warrior, found himself facing an unprecedented challenge as the Kromrif forces, fueled by their fervent desire to prove themselves to Rallos Zek, fought with unmatched determination.

In the midst of this chaos, a new and ominous presence emerged in the form of Velketor the Sorcerer. King Tormax, recognizing the threat posed by the Kromrif assault, summoned Velketor from his lab to aid the Kromzek in their time of need. Velketor, a master of dark sorcery, lent his formidable powers to the Kromzek cause.

However, the Kromrif clan had become an even more formidable force, their resilience forged in the harsh conditions and unforgiving upbringing of Valdeholm. The relentless trials they endured in their new icy homeland had honed their strength, endurance, and combat prowess to unparalleled levels. As the Kromzek giants, now accustomed to the relatively sedate lifestyle within the towering walls of Kael Drakkel, King Tormax realized that additional measures were necessary to fortify their citadel against impending doom.

In a daring move born of desperation, King Tormax sought an audience with Kerafyrm, The Sleeper, a legendary and ancient dragon of immense power. Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Tormax proposed a pact with The Sleeper to secure the aid of his powerful minions, the formidable Storm Golems. These ethereal constructs, crafted by the draconic mastermind, were summoned to Kael Drakkel to help fight off the invasion.

The Kromrif, however, were not without their own formidable leader. Fjordavind the Fearless, chief of the Kromrif clan, led his warriors with unmatched courage and tactical brilliance. Fjordavind's presence on the battlefield brought a renewed sense of determination to the Kromrif forces, as they sought not only to claim Kael Drakkel but to prove their worthiness to Rallos Zek.

The centerpiece of the conflict remained the grand chamber housing the Statue of Rallos Zek, the sacred symbol of the god's favor. Both factions saw control of the statue as the key to securing Rallos Zek's blessing. The Kromzek fought to maintain their long-held dominion, while the Kromrif sought to seize it and reshape the destiny of their clan.

As the war rages on, the fate of Kael Drakkel hangs in the balance. The bitter rivalry between the Kromzek and Kromrif giants has turned the once-unified citadel into a battlefield, where the outcome will determine not only the rulership of Kael Drakkel but also the favor of the god of war himself. The icy winds of Velious carry the echoes of the giants' clashes, and the gods watch with interest as their followers vie for supremacy amidst the frozen peaks.

In the concealed depths of the icy pools within Kael Drakkel, Sirens, mystical denizens of the ocean depths, have long remained veiled in mystery. Unseen by the giants engaged in their relentless battles, these enchanting beings have observed the ebb and flow of elemental energies resonating from the heart of the citadel.

Amidst this strife, word spreads across Norrath of an opportunity for adventurers. Motivated by a desire to bring about a more peaceful Norrath, these intrepid souls seize the chance presented by the raging war. As the giants lock horns in a bitter struggle for supremacy, the adventurers see an opening to exploit the chaos, strategically weakening both clans to reduce their power and influence. The Dwarven race eagerly contributed to the intensification of the war, providing assistance to adventurers from across Norrath. Their deep-seated animosity towards the Giants was unmistakably evident, motivating them to actively aid the adventurers in their endeavors.

Navigating the icy halls with a singular goal — not to quell the conflict, but to turn it to their advantage — the adventurers strike at opportune moments. They target key figures, crucial positions, and exploit the discord among the warring factions. In the shadow of giants, both Kromzek and Kromrif, the adventurers aim to reshape the destiny of Kael Drakkel and bring an end to the giants' powerful reign in Norrath.


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Kael Inhabitants

Enraged Valdeholm Giant
Enraged Storm Golem
Rune Swiftaxe
Voltanis Thunderstruck
Draikon Frostbite
a Distant Relative
Anita Anjab
King Tormax
Ragnar Fjordason
Fjordavin the Fearless
Velketor The Sorcerer
Avatar of War
The Idol Of Rallos Zek
The Statue Of Rallos Zek