Summoner's Pack

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The Summoner's Pack is a quest that starts with the Roaming Gnome in the Caster's Guild and allows for increasing of pet DPS by placing weapons in the completed bag. The quest requires level 77 to start, intended to be an end game reward and is only available to Magician, Necromancer, Enchanter, and Beastlord. See Pet Scaling for additional information on the actual effects.

The first part of the quest requires collecting the following items and combining them in a magic box


  • The character that is doing the quest must attack each mob to receive credit for the kill.
  • You must first complete the Ornate War Sword quest.

Once combined, you will receive "an unfinished/unfired bag".

The quest will prompt you to go into Plain of Fire and warm the unfinished/unfired bag back in the Forgemaster. This will require a group (at least a tank, a healer and the caster who is doing the quest).

Head all the way back to the castle in the back of the zone. Akkadius suggested you do this part in Public Zone (not instanced). Leave your party outside of the castle and have the character with the quest, walk into the archway into the castle. A "red" to level 77 ForgeMaster will pop. Kill him. As his last dieing breath escapes he will AOE knock back everyone, doing minimal damage and updating the quest. If the quest do not update, walk around the courtyard of the castle, it will update. Your quest will update and you will receive a Heated Bag.

The last 4 steps do not require a group.

  • 1. Head into Skyshrine, take a chilling dip in the left pool of water as you enter Yelinak's room. Your quest will update and you will get a Chilled Summoners Pack.
  • 2. Head into Stonehive, speak to the Queen. She will ask for your help speaking to the Vampire Prince Llethora in the basement.
  • 3. Head into the basement, speak with Prince Llethora. After speaking with him, he will give you Cristov's Finest Red Wine.
  • 4. Head back to the Queen, hail her to complete the quest and obtain the Summoner's Pack.

The item is a 2 slot bag. Primary weapon goes on the left, secondary weapon goes on the right.