Misty Thicket

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So you have gotten your characters to level 70, hopefully trained your offensive and defensive skills by the skeletons in QRG, picked up some armor and weapons from Plane of Time and completed your characters Epic 2.0. At this point you should start working on your Fighters/Casters guild quests. Completing these quests are mandatory to further increase the ranks of your Epic weapon. Once you complete these quests you will also receive other benefits, such as the ability to futher improve your skills, as well as access to some unique items and quests.

Misty Thicket is a new zone that was created in 2023, to give new players an alternate and more engaging way of completing the Fighter's Guild Quest & the Caster's Guild Quest. Misty Thicket is a zone where you can complete both these quests without the need to hop to various other zones and instances. You can also mix the two ways to complete these quests.

The quests starts by hailing either Hyacinthe or Melwithe in Nexus. Hyacinthe will give you the Caster's Guild Quest and Melwithe will give the Fighter's Guild Quest. Characters that cast spells(minus Paladins/SK's) normally do the Casters Guild Quest, to further improve their spell skills as well as access to some new spells (necro) and the quest Summoner's Pack for pet users. Melee classes do the Fighters Guild Quest to improve their melee skills.

Once you have gotten the quests you want for your characters, you can simply hail the Universal Teleporter and select "Misty Thicket" from the custom menu, or just target the teleporter and say "mistythicket". You can create instances of Misty Thicket, but not remotely. You have to be in the zone to create an instance.

Once you are in the zone, make sure to listen to what the NPC's by the zone in has to say to you. By walking around in the zone and kill monsters you will slowly start to complete the quest objectives.

• mistythicket_2.txt for in-game map data can be downloaded from here: [mistythicket_2.txt] Put it in your Everquest folder\maps and make sure to set file attribute to "read only".

Some important Clarifications:

• This zone is not intended to be a faster alternative to the traditional guild quests, but it is much more engaging. To achieve this end, and not allow for power leveling through it, there are soft caps at 6, 11 and 17 NPC's pulled at a time, with exponential damage increases at each level, until it is not survivable.

• This is strictly a level appropriate zone, level 70

• Buffs are stripped on zone in, so the buffs you can have in the zone are buffs you can cast yourself while being in the zone.

• There are a few fun reward items (with charges) to give new players some idea of what's available on EZ.

• Double and triple loot modifiers does not work in the zone and zone pulls are disabled.

• You should also be able to find ways to acquire some platinum while fighting in the zone.

• There may be some bosses in the zone as well, not necessarily directly tied to the quests, but rather the zone lore.