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A Banker can be found in Surefall Glades, the Nexus and Stonehive. He will let you access your bank and stored bank space. He can also be summoned using a Summon Banker item that can be purchased from the Noobie Vendor. Shared bank will eat any money you put into it, you have been warned.

Important Notes Using the Banker

DO NOT put coin in the shared account - this is not saved and will get deleted

Server Platinum Hard Cap

The most platinum you can have in one characters inventory is 2,000,000,000 (Two Billion).
This is a game hard cap and it can not be removed, extended, etc.

1) Don't be rich
2) Spread your platinum to your other toons, stash 500,000,000 on a cash cow toon.

So, please check your platinum levels and make sure you don't get to that hard cap 2 billion mark,
because if you are close and go over all your platinum will be erased and you will have a fat goose egg.