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Wiki Cheat Sheet


To use these templates, go to the one you want to use, then click "edit" on the top of the article... copy the HTML code and paste to the new article


  • To make a new article, use brackets to link to the title of the new page from an existing article (example: [[New Article Name]])
  • Use "<br>" to make a new line, or two of them "<br><br>" to put a larger space between paragraphs
  • To upload a file, click on "tools" on the left panel, then "Upload file"


  • When cropping screenshots of items, please crop the image as close as possible, removing all background except JUST the item
  • When naming items, please name the item exactly what the actual item is named (or as close as is possible, since some characters are not allowed in filenames)
  • Greenshot is a freeware simple screen capture program that is helpful in getting only specific portions of an image, Greenshot Download (Make sure to increase the JPEG quality settings)