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Several talented members of the EZ Server community have created custom user interface pieces that provide various benefits while playing EZ Server.

Installing User Interfaces

To install the user interfaces, do the following:

  • Download the ".xml" files (which may be individual files, or in a zipped package)
  • Go to your EZ EverQuest UI directory (probably EverQuest --> uifiles)
  • Create a new folder titled whatever you want (e.g. "newui") in the uifiles folder (along with "default" and "default_old")
  • Place the individual .xml files into this new folder
  • Run EZ Server, and type /loadskin "nameoffolder" (in the earlier example, this would be "/loadskin newui")
  • Pray you don't crash, and enjoy!

Modified RoF2 Inv With 99,999,999 hp/mana & open bags

Horizontal bags updated.png

Modified Bank Window

Bank Window.jpg

A few ROF2 UI pieces

  • Created by: Dimur
  • Client: RoF2
  • Dimur EZServer Forum Thread
  • DOWNLOAD (EQUI_FriendsWnd modded to item tracker Open with Alt+F)
  • DOWNLOAD (EQUI_AuraWnd modded to ToFS spawn tracker, work in progress for other zones Open with Shift+A)
  • DOWNLOAD (EQUI_ClaimWnd modded to netbots display Open with Shift+C)
  • DOWNLOAD (EQUI_TargetWnd modded to include some mq2 by default but Alt+T if you need to bring it up)
  • DOWNLOAD (EQUI_PlayerWnd modded with some MQ2 information)
  • DOWNLOAD (EQUI_BigBankWnd modded to show all open bags in the bank window)

Alert Window
Netbots Window
NetBots Window.jpg
Player Window
Player Window.jpg
Target Window
Big Bank Window
Big Bank Window.png

Updated Item Display

Item Display.png