Rallos Zek

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The Rallos Zek encounter is a GM Event created by Draca, and run every so often. The zone can hold around 100 played characters.

The reward for a successful run is 1 Gemstone of War per toon at the event. These can be spent by going to Giwin Mirakon near the entrance of Plane of Tactics.

The encounter is limited to players that have reached 79 and to kill Rallos Zek you need to cooperate with other players. The encounter consists of several waves of adds and mini bosses. The adds needs to be off tanked. Rallos Zek is hitting really hard and off tanks should be quick to grab adds to avoid the main tank being killed. One of the mini bosses is a ranged fight, meaning if you run it to melee it, you will die quickly. Casters can deal damage with spells and items from range, no problem.