Mask of the Illusionist

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Options Menu from Mask of the Illusionist. Mask icon pictured to the right of menu

Talk to Mr. Halloween in Nexus or Stonehive to start the quest for Mask of the Illusionist. The prompt from Mr. Halloween begins with "babe".


To acquire the mask, you must give Mr. Halloween the following items:
Left Half

  • Iksar Disguise
  • Skeleton Disguise
  • Human Disguise
  • Half-Elf Disguise
  • Earth Elemental Disguise
  • Werewolf Disguise
  • Barbarian Disguise
  • Erudite Disguise
  • Wood Elf Disguise
  • High Elf Disguise
  • Dark Elf Disguise
  • Dwarf Disguise
  • Troll Disguise
  • Ogre Disguise
  • Halfling Disguise
  • Gnome Disguise
  • Dry Bones Disguise
  • Air Elemental Disguise
  • Fire Elemental Disguise
  • Water Elemental Disguise

Right Half

  • Spirit Wolf Disguise
  • Guk Disguise
  • Froglok Disguise
  • Imp Disguise
  • Orc Disguise
  • Scaled Wolf Disguise
  • Scarecrow Disguise
  • Vah Shir Disguise
  • Gemstone of the Ages

Illusion Masks

All of the items, except Gemstone of the Ages, are acquired by getting Illusionist Cards from LDoN Level 6. Give 4 Illusionist Card to Tsukasa in Nexus to receive a random illusion disguise (there are 25 total). You can give Tsukasa two masks that you don't want for another chance at a random disguise

Mask of the Illusionist

The mask works by right clicking the mask, then clicking "Options". Select the illusion type that you want, then click "Solo", "Group", or "Raid" to choose whether the illusion will affect only you, or also your group or raid.

You can change the skins of some of the illusion types by clicking on the type again. For example, clicking on Angry Goblin twice cycles through 13 different possible skin textures for the Angry Goblin. Some illusion types do not have alternate skins.