MQ2 Autologin Setup

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  • To setup MQ2AutoLogin - you will first need an MQ2 build
    • You can find an RoF2 Classic Build here from DOWNLOAD
    • Build Page if you want to look at other builds
  • Download this and place it wherever you wish to keep it
  • After, locate your MQ2AutoLogin.ini, replace EVERYTHING in it with the below text:
WinTitle=EverQuest -

RA=[] Raid Addicts (Fully Custom) [Solo/Group/Raid]
EZ=[] EZ Server - Custom Zones, Vendors, Quests, Items, etc
PEQTGC=[] [PEQ] The Grand Creation - Omens of War
SH=[] Storm Haven - High-Quality Custom Content
S2K=[] Scorpious2k: The Next Generation [custom]


  • The only things you should need to change are your account entries, you will need an account block for each account that you wish to load
    • For each account block you will need
      • Account Name - entered in the starting block [accountname]
      • Password
      • Server - in this case its just EZ (Mapped to the [Servers] above)
      • Character - The character you want to log right into the game with



Launching the Game

  • Once you have all of your accounts entered into your MQ2AutoLogin.ini, make sure you have MacroQuest2.exe launched as Administrator before the next step, not doing this can sometimes prevent MQ2 from properly injecting into eqgame.exe
  • Now, you can launch a single character from command prompt like this:
F:\eq_rof2>eqgame.exe patchme /login:accountname
  • This will log your character right into the game using the mapping in your MQ2AutoLogin.ini

Batching Logins

  • Boxers will want to launch multiple characters at once, you can create individual batch files to run your characters, or you can make one big one to launch your entire crew

Example: Log in all at once

  • First, open a text editor, and create file startall.bat
  • Note It does NOT matter where you have this batch file, as long as you have the letter of your drive, and cd (change directory) is pointed to your EverQuest directory, and you should be home free
  • Paste the following contents, Change your drive and folder to match according to your setup
cd F:\eq_rof2
start eqgame.exe patchme /login:accountname1
start eqgame.exe patchme /login:accountname2
start eqgame.exe patchme /login:accountname3

Example: Kill all EverQuest Instances

  • Sometimes you need to start them all from scratch
  • You can either create a batch file killall.bat or you can run this command in the command line on your own
TASKKILL /IM eqgame.exe /F
  • This will exit all clients simultaneously, if you are getting access denied, you need to run it as Administrator