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This is a list of all the / type commands which can be used in Everquest.


Command Format Description
/Announce /announce <channel> Toggles the announcements of people entering and leaving a channel.
/Auction /auction <text> Allows users to send auction messages throughout the current zone for the purpose of buying and selling items.
/Autojoin /autojoin <channel>:<password> ... Saves the channels listed and automatically sets you to join those channels when you log in.
/Channel /channel [gsay/ooc/shout/guild/auction] Toggles the given chat channel on and off.
/Chat /chat [options...] or ;chat Controls chat channels allowing one to invite, moderate, kick, grant, and password protect a channel.
/Chatfontsize /chatfontsize [0-5] Changes the size of the chat font.
/Clearchat /clearchat or /clear Clears your chat window.
/Emote /emote, /em, /me, or : Emotes the given text.
/Filter /filter <type> [On/Off] Toggles the bad word filters for the specified channel on/off. Channel types include: badword, guildsay, social, gsay, shout, auction, ooc, mymisses, othersmisses, otherhits, atkmissesme, pcspells, npcspells, bardsongs, dmgshield, critspells, and critmelee.
/Fsay /fsay <text> Says the given text within your current fellowship.
/Gsay /gsay <text>, or /g Says the given text to your entire group.
/Hail /hail Hails your currently selected target.
/Ignore /ignore <name> Will block all chat text coming from the specified character including serverwide or cross-server messages.
/Join /join <channel>[:password] Attempts to join the specified channel name with the optional password. You can join up to ten channels at one time.
/Language help] Returns the game language that you are currently speaking. /language help returns a list of languages and their identification number. /language # sets your current language.
/Leave /leave [#] Leaves the specified chat channel.
/Leaveall /leaveall Leaves all currently joined chat channel.
/List /list [channel] Without any channel this command lists all currently joined chat channels. When a specified channel number/name is given it lists all members currently in that channel.
/Ooc /ooc <text> Sends the given text to the Out-Of-Character (OOC) channel.
/Opadd /opadd <player> <channel> Sets the given character as a moderator on the specified channel.
/Oplist /oplist <channel> Displays the op list and owner of the specified channel.
/Reply /reply <text> Sends the given text to the last person to send you a tell.
/Say /say <text> Says the given text to nearby players.
/Setowner /setowner <player> <channel> Sets the owner of the given channel.
/Shout /shout <text> Shouts the given text to anyone in the current zone.
/Tell /tell <character> <msg> or /msg, or /send Sends a tell to the given character.
/Ttell /ttell <text> Sends a tell to your current target.
/Yell /yell Sends a shout for help to all nearby players who will receive your distress call along with an approximate direction.


Command Format Description
/Assist /assist [Group/Raid/Name/On/Off] Assists your current target or a specified character to change your target to their current target. Specify On/Off to enable/disable autoattack whenever you assist.
/Attack /attack [On/Off] Toggles your attack mode. This will put you in attack mode even if nothing is targeted. Be careful not to use this when near NPC's that you have targeted.
/Autofire /autofire Toggles autofire mode where you will continually attack with a ranged weapon until you run out of ammunition or disable it.
/Clearhits /clearhits This will clear the current setting for the M2-M5 modes of the /hitsmodes command.
/Consider /consider or /con Gives vital statistics of a targeted character or NPC.
/Doability /doability [1-10] [1-6] performs the associated ability from the "abilities" page while [7-10] perform the associated combat skill.


Command Format Description
/Consent /consent <name/group/guild/raid> Gives the specified character, group, guild, or raid permission to drag your corpse. Multiple corpses will required multiple consents.
/Corpse /corpse [target/name] Attempts to summon the corpse of your current target or specified player name if it is within range (200ft?) and you have consent.
/Corpsedrag /corpsedrag Begins to drag the currently targetted corpse if it is within range and you have consent. You can drag up to 2 corpses at a time.
/Corpsedrop /corpsedrop Drops the currently targetted corpse previously dragged with Corpsedrag.
/Decaycorpse /decaycorpse Causes your currently targetted corpse to decay if on the Combine or Sleeper servers.
/Hidecorpses /hidecorpses [all/none/allbutgroup/looted] or /hidecorpse This command allows the player to choose to not see other player's or NPC's corpses in-game. Your own corpse is never hidden. The looted option will hide a corpse once you loot it.
/Loot /loot If your current target is a corpse running this command will attempt to open the loot screen if you are within range.
/Lootnodrop /lootnodrop [Always/Sometimes/Never] This command is used to specify how you loot no drop items on corpses. Always (the default) will cause a prompt box to always be shown when looting no drop items.

Sometimes sets it so only items not usable by your character will show a prompt box. Never will cause you to never get a confirmation box.


Emotes produce a line of text in chat that add flavor to the game. Some make your character pantomime an action. Emotes can be "heard" by other players within /say range.

Command No target Target Animated
/agree You agree with everyone around you. You agree with Target. Yes
/amaze You are amazed! You gasp at Target in amazement. Yes
/apologize You apologize to everyone. You apologize to Target whole-heartedly. Yes
/applaud You give a round of applause. You applaud Target's performance. Yes
/bird You make a rude gesture. You make a rude gesture at Target. Yes
/bite You look around for someone to bite! You bite Target on the leg! No
/bleed You bleed quietly. You bleed all over Target. Yes
/blink You blink in disbelief. You blink at Target in disbelief. Yes
/blush You blush profusely. You blush at Target. Yes
/boggle You boggle, shaking your head and looking confused. You boggle at Target, shaking your head and looking confused. Yes
/bonk You look around for someone to bonk! You bonk Target on the head! No
/bored You inform everyone that you are bored. You inform Target that you are bored. Yes
/bounce You bounce with excitement. You bounce around Target. No
/bow You bow. You bow before Target. Yes
/brb You announce that you will be right back. You let Target know that you will be right back. Yes
/burp You burp loudly. You burp loudly at Target. Yes
/bye You wave goodbye to everyone. You wave goodbye to Target. Yes
/cackle You cackle gleefully. You cackle gleefully at Target. Yes
/calm You look peaceful and calm. You try to calm down Target. No
/cheer You cheer. You cheer at Target. Yes
/bird You make a rude gesture. You make a rude gesture at Target. Yes
/chuckle You chuckle. You chuckle at Target. Yes
/clap You clap your hands together - hurray! You clap happily for Target - hurray! Yes
/comfort You need to be comforted. You comfort Target. No
/congratulate You congratulate those around you on a job well done. You congratulate Target on a job well done. Yes
/cough You cough. You cough at Target. Yes
/cringe You cringe. You cringe away from Target. Yes
/cry You cry. You cry over Target. Yes
/curious You look around you curiously. You look at Target curiously. Yes
/dance You stand on your tip-toes and do a dance of joy! You grab hold of Target and begin to dance with them. Yes
/drool You drool -- something must have you excited! You drool all over Target. Yes
/duck You duck. You duck behind Target. Yes
/eye You raise an eyebrow inquiringly. You raise an eyebrow at Target. Yes
/fidget You fidget. No
/finger You make a rude gesture. You make a rude gesture at Target. Yes
/flex You flex your muscles proudly. You flex at Target. No
/flipoff You make a rude gesture. You make a rude gesture at Target. Yes
/frown You frown. You frown at Target. Yes
/gasp You gasp in astonishment. You gasp at Target in astonishment. Yes
/gesture You make a rude gesture. You make a rude gesture at Target. Yes
/giggle You giggle. You giggle at Target. Yes
/glare You glare at nothing in particular. You turn an icy glare upon Target. Yes
/grin You grin evilly. You grin evilly at Target. No
/groan You groan. You groan at the sight of Target. Yes
/grovel You grovel pitifully. You grovel before Target. Yes
/happy You are so happy! You are very happy with Target. Yes
/hungry You need food, badly. You let Target know that you need food, badly. Yes
/hug You hug yourself. You hug Target. No
/introduce You introduce yourself. Hi there! You introduce Target. Yes
/jk You were JUST KIDDING! You let Target know that you were JUST KIDDING! No
/kiss You blow a kiss into the air. You kiss Target on the cheek. No
/kneel You kneel down. You kneel before Target in humility and reverence. Yes
/laugh You laugh. You laugh at Target. Yes
/lost You look completely lost! You inform Target that you are completely lost! No
/massage You look around for someone to massage. You massage Target's shoulders. No
/moan You moan. You moan at Target. No
/mourn You lower your head and mourn the loss of the dead. You lower your head and mourn the loss of Target. Yes
/nod You nod. You nod at Target. Yes
/nudge You nudge You nudge Target. No
/panic You panic and scream. You panic at the sight of Target. No
/pat You pat yourself on the back. You pat Target on the back. No
/peer You peer around intently. You peer at Target, looking them up and down. Yes
/plead You plead with everyone around you. You plead with Target desperately. Yes
/point You point straight ahead. You point at Target. Yeah you! Yes
/poke You poke yourself. You poke Target. No
/ponder You ponder the matters at hand. You ponder Target. What is going on with them? Yes
/purr You purr. You purr at Target. No
/puzzle You look completely puzzled. You look at Target, completely puzzled. Yes
/raise You raise your hand. You look at Target and raise your hand. Yes
/ready You let everyone know that you are ready! You ask Target if they are ready. Yes
/roar You emit a low rumble and then roar like a lion! You emit a low rumble and then roar at Target. Yes
/rofl You roll on the floor laughing. You roll on the floor laughing at Target. No
/rude You make a rude gesture. You make a rude gesture at Target. Yes
/salute You salute the gods in pure admiration. You snap to attention and salute Target crisply. Yes
/shiver You shiver. Brrrrrr. You shiver at the thought of messing with Target. Yes
/shrug You shrug unknowingly. You shrug at Target. Yes
/sigh You sigh, clearly disappointed. You sigh at Target. Yes
/smack You smack yourself on the forehead. You smack Target. No
/smile You smile. You beam a smile at Target. No
/smirk You smirk mischievously. You smirk mischievously at Target. No
/snarl You bare your teeth in a terrible snarl. You snarl meanly at Target. Yes
/snicker You snicker softly. You snicker softly at Target. Yes
/stare You stare at the ground. You stare at Target, completely lost in their eyes. Yes
/tap You tap your foot impatiently. You tap your foot as you look at Target impatiently. Yes
/tease You look about for someone to tease. You tease Target mercilessly. No
/thank You thank everyone. You thank Target heartily. Yes
/thirsty You need drink, badly! You let Target know that you need drink, badly. No
/veto You veto the idea. You veto Target's idea! Yes
/wave You wave. You wave at Target. Yes
/welcome You welcome everyone. You welcome Target warmly. Yes
/whine You whine pitifully. You whine pitifully at Target. No
/whistle You whistle a little tune. You whistle at Target appreciatively. Yes
/yawn You open your mouth wide and yawn. You yawn rudely in Target's face. Yes

Expedition (EZ Server)

Command Format Description
#expedition or #e #e List commands
#e leave #e leave Leaves expedtion
#e destroy #e destroy If you are leader, Destroy your current Expedtion
#e lockout #e lockout Will list your current lockout
#e memberlist #e memberlist Will get your expedition memberlist
#e groupinvite #e groupinvite <playername> Search for a player of another group to invite
#e checkpoint #e checkpoint Will show active checkpoints
#e invite #e invite <playername> earch for a player to invite
#e remomve #e remove <playername> Search for a group/raid member to remove
#e makeleader #e makeleader <playername> Will pass leadership to another expedition member
#e tasksync #e tasksync If for whatever reason your task progress is out of sync with other players in the expedition, use this
#expsay #expsay Will send a message to your Expedition


Command Format Description
/Adriver /adriver Writes sound card information to the adriver.txt in your EQ program folder.
/Afk /afk [ON/OFF] <text> Toggles your character's AFK (Away From Keyboard) mode. If any optional text is supplied that message will be sent to any tells you receive.
/Alt Activate /alt activate [code] Activate a specific AA by its numeric code.
/Alternateadv /alternateadv [On/Off/List] [1-100] or /alt Enables or disables the collection of AA experience or lists all AAs currently available to your character.
/Anonymous /anonymous [On/Off], /anon, or /a Toggles the anonymous state of your character. When in anonymous mode your level, race, class, guild and current zone are not displayed in who lists.
/Autoinventory /autoinventory or /autoinv Places the item currently on your cursor within your inventory if there's room.
/Autosplit /autosplit [On/Off] Automatically splits any coin loot you get with the rest of your group.
/Barter /barter Opens up the barter window when in the bazaar enabling you to find players wishing to buy items.
/Bazaar /bazaar or /baz When in the Bazaar this opens the bazaar window allowing you to search for items other players have for sale.
/Blockspell /blockspell <action> <target> <spellnumber> Valid <action>: display, add, remove, clear

Valid <target>: me pet
Valid <spellnumber>: list of spell numbers separated by spaces
Example: /blockspell add me 1693 2517
Example: /blockspell display pet

/Bug /bugreport or /bug Opens up the bug reporting window.
/Buyer /buyer When in the Bazaar this command opens the buyer window allowing you to setup to purchase items from other players.
/Camp /camp [desktop/server] Allows the player to exit to the character select screen, the server select screen, or the desktop depending on option what is specified. Camping out takes 30 seconds during which time if you are attacking the command will be cancelled.
/Changename /changename Begins a request to change your character's name.
/Charinfo /charinfo Displays your character's current bind location.
/Claim /claim Lets you claim an account reward with your current character.
/Clearmarks /clearmarks Clears all currently marked NPCs.
/Decline /decline Decline an invitation to a duel.
/Deletepetition /deletepetition Deletes a previously submitted petition.
/Deny /deny <name/group/guild/raid> I do`t regret that spent a few of minutes for reading. Write more often, surely'll come to read something new!....
/Discipline /discipline <name> Performs the given discipline.
/Dismount /dismount This command allows your character to dismount from a horse.
/Duck /duck Toggles the character's duck state.
/Duel /duel or /d Initiates a duel with the currently targetted player.
/Exit /exit, /quit or /ex This command immediately closes the game and returns the player to Windows. It should only be used in extreme circumstances (i.e., a death bind loop).
/Fastdrop /fastdrop [On/Off/Never] Disables/enables the ability to drop items on the ground without a confirmation box. If set to never, you will never be able to drop any items on the ground.
/Feedback /feedback Opens the feedback window allowing you to send suggestions and ideas to the development team.
/Find /find Displays the find window allowing you to locate certain NPCs in some zones, typically more common in cities.
/Findpc /findpc Uses the group/raid leadership ability to find a specific player.
/Follow /follow [target] Attempt to begin following your current target or the specified character.
/Friends /friends [name] Adds or removes the specified character from your friends list. With no character name given your current friends list is displayed.
/Gems /gems Start playing the in-game Gems game.
/Guidehelp /guidehelp This command is for quest/event feedback, wedding requests, and questions regarding quests/events
/Help /help [emote/guild/normal/voice/chat] Shows the player all of the commands available in given category.
/Hotbutton /hotbutton <name> <color> <text> A new hotbutton will be created with the given name, color, and initial macro text.
/Inspect /inspect <name> Inspects the specified character.
/Keys /keys Lists all keys currently on your keychain. Any key listed does not have to be carried in your inventory in order to open the appropriate lock.
/Location /location or /loc Displays your current position in the zone (X/Y/Z).
/Log /log [On/Off] Toggles the output to the current character's log file (logs\eqlog_name_server.txt).
/Map /map Opens the map window.
/Marknpc /marknpc [1-3] F5wi9L Thank you very much! I took it for myself too. Will be useful!!....
/Motd /motd Displays the current message of the day (server?).
/Mousespeed /mousespeed [0-3] Changes how fast the mouse moves within the game (0=slowest, 3=fastest).
/Movelog /movelog [yes] Using a parameter of yes will flag your character for moving to a different server. This is only valid at certain times when enabled (such as during server merges).
/Note /note [text] Opens the note window allowing you to enter and save text to the notes.txt files in your EQ game folder. Text is saved automatically when entered.
/Open /open Attempts to open the door/container your mouse currently is over.
/Outputfile /outputfile <inventory/spellbook/raid/guild> [filename] Dumps the specified information about your inventory, spellbook, guild, or raid into a text file.
/Pause /pause <number> Only usable in hotbuttons this command will pause for the given tenths of a second (i.e., 10 is 1 second).
/Petition /petition Opens the petition window.
/Played /played Displays your current character's birth date and total days played.
/Quit /quit or /q Same as /exit this command immediately exits the game (only use when absolutely necessary).
/Random /random [From] [To] or /rand Returns a random number between the two specified numbers (inclusive). For example, /rand 1 100 returns a random number from 1 to 100.
/Report /report <text> Records the last 20 lines in your chat window and tags them with the given name. You can reference this name in a petition to allow a GM to review the report. Note that reporting by itself does nothing.
/Reveal /reveal Unknown
/Rewind /rewind Use this command if you become stuck in the landscape. Stand still for 30 seconds and use this command which will try and rewind you to a previous position.
/Roleplay /role Toggles the roleplay mode for your current character. When in roleplay mode your race, class, level and location is hidden from /who while your guild tag is still displayed (unlike /anon).
/Rtarget /rtarget or /rt Attempts to target the last person who sent you a tell if they are within range.
/Safelock /safelock <password> Use this command to lock, and unlock, your game session to prevent other people (and cats) from playing it.
This command locks the EverQuest interface (mostly just mouse clicks, keyboard commands/movement, and most slash commands) with the password that you supply to the command. You must use this command a second time, supplying the same password, to unlock the interface. Passwords are NOT case-sensitive.
/Sdriver /sdriver Outputs information on your sound card drivers to the SDriver.txt file in your EQ game folder.
/Sit /sit [On/Off] Causes your character to sit or stand.
/Stand /stand Causes your character to stand up.
/Stopdisc /stopdisc Will cancel any currently running discipline.
/Stopsocial /stopsocial If you have a hoykey with a long pause in it and you want to abort the progress, typing /stopsocial will stop processing the hotkey.
/Surname /surname <lastname> Use this command once after reaching level 20 to choose the last name for your character.
/System /system <cmd> [arguments] This command allows you to execute any DOS/Windows program with optional arguments. For example: /system notepad c:\notes.txt. Note that EnableSystemCommand=1 must be set in the [default] section of EqClient.ini to enable this command.
/Target /target <name> or /tar Attempts to target the given player or NPC if within range.
/Target pet /target pet Allows you to target your current pet.
/Testbuffme /testbuffme Unknown but likely only useable on the test or beta servers.
/Testcopy /testcopy Flags your character for copying to the test server (when allowed, likely only during beta).
/Time /time Displays you the time of day in Norrath and your local time.
/Toggleinspect /toggleinspect [On/Off] Toggles the inspecting of characters when you click on them.
/Trader /trader or /trade When in the Bazaar this command opens up the trader window allowing you to setup prices to sell items to other players.
/Url /url <url> This command will allow you to open an arbitrary URL such as a website or local file. For example /url or /url file://c:/notes.txt.
/Veteranreward /veteranreward Flags your character to receive any veteran rewards available on your account. Note that you can only claim a certain number of characters on each account (one for each year paid on the account).
/Viewpetition /viewpetition Views your current petition (if any).
/Who /who [options...] or / Without any options this commands lists all players in the current zone. Using the all option you can list non-anonymous players in the entire server (up to 20? at a time). Add a race, class, or guid to further narrow down the output.
/Whotarget /whotarget or /whot Displays the who output for your current target.
/Www /www <website> Opens your default browser to the given web page. Note that unlike /url this command can only open web pages.


Command Format Description
/Bodytint /bodytint Opens the armor dye window.
/Dopropertinting /dopropertinting Toggles "proper tinting" which will tint only clothes instead of skin.
/Dynamiclights /dynamiclights [On/Off] When on, this command enables players to see specially rendered lighting. This command is most useful when the player is holding, or has a light source with them, such as a torch.
/Facepick /facepick Allow older characters to choose a face using the 'newer' Luclin models.
/Fontface /fontface Changes the font of the chat windows to the specified font name.
/Fullscreen /fullscreen Toggle fullscreen/windowed modes?
/Indicator /indicator Toggles the display of the targetting indicator.
/Invwinlabels /invwinlabels This command toggles on and off the descriptions for the full screen mode inventory.
/Loadskin /loadskin <folder> <0/1> Loads the given skin from your UIFiles folder in the EQ game path. Add a 0 if you wish to restore previously saved window sizes/positions or 1 if you wish to reset their position/sizes from the original skin.
/Particledensity /particledensity [Off/Low/Med/High] Sets the overall(?) particle density. Lower values can improve performance on lower end machines.
/Resetwindows /resetwindows Resets all windows to their default position and size.
/Shadows /shadows [On/Off] [clip distance] Allows you to toggle the display of shadows.
/Showgrass /showgrass [On/Off] The author deserves for the monument:DD
/Shownames /shownames [Off/1-6] Toggles the display of PC names in addition to what parts to display in player names: 1=First 2=First and Last 3=First, Last, and Guild 4=Show Everything 5=Title and First 6=Title, First, and Last.
/Shownpcnames /shownpcnames [On/Off] Toggles the display of NPC names.
/Showspelleffects /showspelleffects [On/Off] Toggles the display of spell effects.
/Usercolor /usercolor <Type> <Red> <Green> <Blue> Changes the color of specific chat texts.
/Viewport /viewport <left> <top> <width> <height> The viewport command allows you to change the size of the gameplay area on your screen, the area upon which the game world is drawn. Using a smaller viewport can increase performance on slower machines.
/Wincolor /wincolor <window> <red> <green> <blue> <trans> This command allows players to change the color and transparency for all of the UI windows. Window name can be: Chat, Spell, Player, Party, Target, Buff, Data, Main, Inv, Track, or Hotbox. Color values range from 0-255. Trans can be 0(off) to 4(100%).
To reset a window color use /wincolor <name> reset.


Command Format Description
/Disband name] Allows a character to disband from a group if they have themselves targeted. This command also allows the group leader to disband a targeted member of the group if they are in the same zone. If you have a pending group invite this will deny the request as well.
/Gmarknpc /gmarknpc [1/2/3] Marks the currently targetted NPC with the specified number using the group leadership ability.
/Invite name] Allows the group leader to invite their current target or specified character to the group. If you have a pending group invite and do not have another character targeted this command accepts the group invite.
/Lfg /lfg [On/Off] Toggles the Looking For Group (LFG) flag on your character.
/Makeleader /makeleader If you are the group leader this command makes your current target the new group leader if a member of your group.
/Split /split [pp] [gp] [sp] [cp] Splits the specified amount of coins with the rest of the group.
/Targetgroupbuff /targetgroupbuff [On/Off] or /tgb Toggles the target group buff mode. When on, all group buff spells you cast will require a target but will affect everyone grouped (and within range) even if it is not your own group.


Command Format Description
/Getguildmotd /getguildmotd or /get 1SNY54 I must admit, the webmaster has written cool..!!
/Guilddelete /guilddelete Allows a guild leader to disband their guild.
/Guildinvite /guildinvite [o] [target] Guild leaders and officers may use this command to invite their current target or specified player to their guild. A leader can make an officer by using the O option (players currently members of the guild must leave the guild first to be invited as an officer).
/Guildleader /guildleader [Target/Name] Allows a guild leader to transfer guild leadership to their current target or specified character.
/Guildmotd /guildmotd <text> Guild officers and leaders can set the guild's message of the day with this command.
/Guildpeace /guildpeace <guild leader name> Allows the guild leader to end a guild war. The leaders of both guilds must execute this command to end the war.
/Guildremove /guildremove [name] Guild leaders and officers may use this command to remove guild members. You can also remove yourself from a guild by targetting yourself and issuing this command.
/Guildsay /guildsay <text>, or /gu Says the given text to the entire guild.
/Guildstatus /guildstatus [target/name] Displays the guild name and rank of the current target or specified character.
/Guildwar /guildwar <guild leader name> <1-14> Allows the guild leader to challenge or accept another guild in a guild war along with the length of the war in days. Both guild leaders must execute the command.


Command Format Description
/Pet as you were /pet as you were LwPgNx Very amusing thoughts, well told, everything is in its place:DD
/Pet attack /pet attack [target] Causes your pet to attack the given NPC or your current target if omitted.
/Pet back off /pet back off Orders your pet to stop attacking.
/Pet feign /pet feign Allows a Necromancer's pet to attempt to play dead if they have the relevant AAs.
/Pet follow me /pet follow me Orders your pet to follow you around.
/Pet get lost /pet get lost Disbands your pet causing them to disappear.
/Pet guard here /pet guard here Tells your pet to guard its current location.
/Pet guard me /pet guard me Order your pet to guard you. This causes it to attack anything you attack and anything that attacks you.
/Pet health /pet health or /pet report health Orders your pet to say its health in percent and any spells current affecting it.
/Pet hold /pet hold Prevents your pet from attacking if you have the relevant AAs.
/Pet notaunt /pet notaunt Tells your pet to not taunt when attacking.
/Pet sit /pet sit Tells your pet to sit down.
/Pet stand /pet stand Tells your pet to stand up.
/Pet taunt /pet taunt [On/Off] Toggles whether your pet taunts when attacking.
/Pet who leader /pet who leader Orders any pet to say who its master is.


Command Format Description
/Addraidlooter /addraidlooter <name> Adds your current target or the specified character name to the list of valid looters in the raid.
/Makeraidleader /makeraidleader <name> If you are the raid leader this command makes the specified character (or current target?) the new raid leader.
/Raidaccept /raidaccept After being invited to a raid (/raidinvite) use this command to join a raid as a group leader.
/Raiddecline /raiddecline Declines an invitation to a raid.
/Raidinvite /raidinvite <name>
Short hand : /raid <name>
Invites the given character to join a raid.
/Raidremove /raidremove <name> Removes the given character from the raid.
/Raidsay /raidsay <text> or /rsay Says the given text to the entire raid.
/Raidwindow /raidwindow Opens the raid window.
/Removeraidlooter /removeraidlooter <name> Removes the given character from the list of players allowed to loot on the raid.
/Rmarknpc /rmarknpc [1-3] Uses the raid leadership ability to mark your currently targetted NPC with a number from 1-3.
/Setloottype /setloottype [1-3] Sets who can loot corpses in the raid: 1=Raid Leader, 2=Raid Ledaer and Group Leaders, 3=Raid Leader and Selected People (with /addraidlooter).


Command Format Description
/Combatmusic /combatmusic [On/Off] Enables/disables the playing of combat music in battles.
/Mcicontrol /mcicontrol [command] [source] Allows you to control a sound source such as a CD player (eg: play, pause, stop, skip, eject, etc...).
/Mixahead /mixahead [1-100] Sets the amount of pre-mix for the sound (default=8).
/Mp3 /mp3 Opens the in-game MP3 player.
/Reverb /reverb [On/Off] Toggles the use of echo sounds.
/Reversesound /reversesound [On/Off] Toggles the reversing of the left and right sound channels.
/Vgroup /vgroup <#> Plays the given voice command to your entire group.
/Vplay /vplay <#> Plays the given voice number just for you.
/Vraid /vraid <#> Plays the given voice for the entire raid.
/Vtell /vtell <name> <#> Sends the given sound to the specified character.


Command Format Description
/Book The material is on the five plus. But there is a minus! My internet speed 56kb/sek. The page was loading for about 40 seconds!.... Opens your spellbook to the specified page number.
/Cast /cast [1-10] Cast the spell in the specified memorized slot.
/Melody /melody [#] [#] ... Allows Bards to automatically play the given song numbers (memorized slot 1-10) one after another until a note is missed. Melody has been improved to auto-recover and continue if you miss a note or end up out of range. Once the end of the list is reached it will continue at the beginning.
/Memspellset /memspellset [name] or /loadspellset zWCnFa Hello! How do you feel about young composers?!....
/Stopcast /stopcast Immediately stop casting your current spell. Like duck, this command does not work while mounted.
/Stopsong /stopsong Bards can use this command to stop singing.
/Inspectbuffs /inspectbuffs <name> Uses the group/raid leadership ability to inspect the buffs of the given character.


Command Format Description
/Dzaddplayer /dzaddplayer [name] Invites your current target or the specified character to join your task expedition.
/Dzhelp /dzhelp Lists help of related /dz task commands.
/Dzlisttimers /dzlisttimers Shows any remaining lockout timers from previously completed tasks.
/Dzmakeleader /dzmakeleader [name] Makes the specified player the new task leader.
/Dzplayerlist /dzplayerlist Lists all players currently in your task.
/Dzquit /dzquit Leaves the current task.
/Dzremoveplayer /dzremoveplayer [name] Removes the specified player from the current task whether they are in the current zone or not.
/Dzswapplayer /dzswapplayer [name1] [name2] Removes the first player from the task and adds the second player.
/Taskaddplayer /taskaddplayer [name] Adds the given character to your current task.
/Taskmakeleader /taskmakeleader [name] Allows the task leader to change leadership to the given character.
/Taskplayerlist /taskplayerlist Lists all players currently in your task.
/Taskquit /taskquit Quits your current task.
/Taskremoveplayer /taskremoveplayer [name] Allows the task leader to remove a player from the current task.
/Tasktimers /tasktimers Lists all current lockout timers from previously completed tasks.


Command Format Description
/Stoptracking /stoptracking Characters with tracking can use this command to stop tracking.
/Trackfilter /trackfilter [Red/Yellow/White/Blue/Green] Specify what NPC /con colors you do not want to see in your tracking display. (rangers only)
/Trackplayers /trackplayers [On/Off/Group] 6xaeqN Heartfelt thanks..!!
/Tracksort /tracksort [Normal/Distance/Consider/Rdistance/Rconsider] Allows rangers to specify how the tracking display is sorted.