Slimy Sapphire of Cowardice

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The Slimy Sapphire of Cowardice (SSoC) is a shoulder-only augment that reduces the amount of hate generated by characters. This is an extremely useful augment to put on every character except your main tank, as it will ensure that the tank is the only character to take damage.

Depending on the tier of the shoulder item, it will accept between 1 and 3 Sapphires of Cowardice, and the effects DO stack (e.g. a shoulder item augged with one SSoC level 8 (19%) AND one SSoC level 9 (21%) would have a combined total of aggro reduction of 40%)

SSoC Level Threat Reduction
I 5%
II 7%
III 9%
IV 11%
V 13%
VI 15%
VII 17%
VIII 19%
IX 21%
X 25%